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EB1 Case Manager Course

by Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram on July 14, 2016

EB1 Case Managers are designed to ensure our clients received a very high level of service

Welcome to the EB1 Case Manager Course. In this course we’re going to explore how to ensure that all of our EB1 clients are well taken care of. To do this, there are a number of qualities you must understand about the client as well as duties that will ensure that each client feels like our only client.

EB1 clients are a unique breed, and by their nature are all high-achieving individuals. With that in mind, EB1 clients expect a very high level of service from those they work with – and that include us.

As an EB1 Case Manager, it will be your job to ensure that the EB1 clients are able to get through the immigration process with as little stress as possible and provide support to the EB1 attorneys in preparing the cases.


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