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    E2 Visa Success: as a law firm we’re handling approximately 50 E2 visa cases at any given time. That’s 50 different families and 50 different types of businesses. We have tremendous amount of experience in helping our E2 Visa clients navigate this process successfully. Chantal wanted to launch an online business selling fashion accessories and thus not the typical business choice. However, we have worked with a lot of online business models and so Chantal E2 visa case was for us very straightforward. One of the things we always try and keep at the forefront or our mind is the fact that whilst this case maybe another in a long line of cases for us over the last decade, for our client it’s often their first business adventure so it’s very important that we work closely with them and provide them with as much support as possible. Being your own boss can be a very liberating thing, it means you have total control over your future and how long you can stay in the US. Whereas, for those clients who are being sponsored into the US for a job, if they lose that job due to circumstances outside their control they can also lose their right to stay in the US and this can be devastating to the entire family. We love E2 visas because it does provide the family with a sound level of security. Where the applicants are married then one spouse can even go off to work and pursue green card opportunities. We wish Chantal every success with her E2 visa and new online business. Watch this space as we look forward to sharing exciting updates about the rise and rise of this Chantal’s business.