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    E2 Visa Success Story – Stephen and Jane had a dream; to start a new life in the US, somewhere sunny and warm to make a change from the Scottish harsh climate. They chose Santa Monica, California to heart of the Hollywood film industry and within half a mile of the ocean. The business they decided upon was a dog grooming business, a complete change in life style. Jane has taken over this very successful business and Stephen is now working for a marketing company around the corner. Life could not be better. One of the comments Stephen and Jane made in their video was the fact that they’d not want to live a life of regrets – what if…….So they took the plunge and its really work out well for them. If you’d like to take the plunge there is a right way and wrong way – let us help you benefit from our experience and help you do it the successful way. Call 310 496 4292 today.