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    EB1 Green Card Success: What we love about working with EB1 Aliens of Extraordinary clients is that often times they have good to other immigration lawyers who have told them that they are just not extraordinary enough and then they get written off and then they happen to find our website and we see their achievements in a completely different way and before you know we’ve won their case. Why is that? The secret to EB1 green card success is determination and confidence if you can muster both then we can get you an EB1 green card in a matter of months. Most people do not build their careers with the thought of one day getting a green card. Instead they just focus on advancing themselves in their career. When it comes to qualifying for an EB1 green card you have to have achieved certain things and even if you do not have them today, it does not take too much effort to strive for those specific EB1 green card requirements that will distinguish you for an EB1. Our success is based on knowing precisely what US Immigration needs to see to say yes and then working closely with our clients to have them do those things so we can present them as qualifying clients to USCIS. In this case, Roisin came to us, we worked closely with her, she did everything we asked of her and more and we prepared and filed her case and it was immediately approved. So let the celebration and good times begin. If this is something you’d like to explore give us a call, we always love a good after party.

    Fashion Executive shares her amazing EB1 green card story with the Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram