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L1-A Visa Approvals – US Immigration Attorney Chris M. Ingram ESQ Talks About What US Visa Approvals Means to His Clients.

L1-A Visa Guide

L-1A visas present a fantastic opportunity for businesses based abroad to open us a branch in the US. The L-1A visa is suitable for small businesses and large businesses alike.  The success of these applications is very much dependent on how precisely the required documentation is structured to meet the exact US Immigration requirements.

Many good L-1A visa application will fail if the US Immigration officer adjudicating the case cannot tick off / check off all the visa requirements.

My role as a highly experienced L-1A attorney is to make sure that by working very closely with our clients we’re able to make sure that before the case is filed, every requirement is comprehensively satisfied. Nothing less will do.

This is the emial I received from a satisfied L-1A client (April 6th 2010): –

Hello Chris, 

This is really great news! Thank you for this note.

It is a very nice surprise that the application was approved so fast and easily – which is certainly a result of the great and highly professional preparation work you and your colleagues did.

Thank you so much again for your assistance, time and attention. I would be delighted to work with you again in the future.

Kind regards,


This is the type of email I look forward to receiving everyday. To find out more about the L-1A visa please check out this link L1-A and I would be delighted to take on your case.

By Chris M. Ingram LL.M., ESQ.

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