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By Chris M. Ingram, LL.M., ESQ

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So, what does the road ahead look like for LOCMI? – This is certainly what I ask myself every day and look to find answers for. Here are my thoughts.

To Ensure We Have a Dedicated Management Team. Having the best Management team, I think is essential to the overall success of any business, especially for LOCMI. As we have grown and continue to do so, we have had to create a team of managers who are able to specialize and grow in their expertise within the law firm. Let’s take our General Manager Jackie for instance.

When Jackie and her husband were living in the U.K. they searched for and found a bunch of U.S. Immigration law firms that promised through advertising to help their family achieve the dream of a lifetime to relocate to the U.S.  For reasons best known to Jackie she chose LOCMI to represent her family, we did, and some months later her family entered the U.S. as Business Investors under an E2 Visa. One of the neat things about the E-2 Investor visa is that it enables the spouse to secure a work permit, whilst the other spouse takes care of the primary business.

So, Jackie has firsthand experience of not only being an immigrant to the U.S., but she understands the process of selecting a law firm, what should be expected of that law firm, what her actual experience was with LOCMI and being a successful client of our law firm.

Sometime later, years in fact, Jackie called LOCMI and asked if we had any positions available. Truth is, Jackie had impeccable credentials, as she had been a practicing Barrister in her home country, and then worked as a Clerk in the British Court system for many years, before relocating to the U.S. So, if LOCMI were able to secure Jackie’s services it would certainly be a coup for sure, and thank God, we did.

Jackie started out in our Intake Department where she was able to talk to potential clients about their immigration needs and was also able to share her testimony as having once been a client of LOCMI herself. As part of Jackie’s continuous legal education, Jackie was able to become a Caseworker and for many years she worked on the various types of cases LOCMI specializes in. It was not long before Jackie was promoted to Case Manager overseeing a large team of lawyers and paralegals. Finally, the position of becoming LOCMI’s General Manager opened, and Jackie was appointed to the role in 2021. Congratulations to Jackie. It’s the American Dream personified.

What made Jackie perfect for the role as being LOCMI’s GM was the fact that she knows the entire law firm from the inside out and from top to bottom. In this role, Jackie has been given the authority to really take LOCMI to the next level. Jackie is systematically developing every aspect of the law firm based on all of her experiences as a client and as a member of staff at all levels of the law firm.

Jackie has been assembling and building her own Management Team and staff who work under each manager, and with my full support, since taking over as GM the law firm has seen steady and progressive improvements as we break all previous production records.

The practice of law is just that, we practice. We are never done learning. We are never done in finding new ways to deliver a better service, we are never done developing new ideas and new ways to improve. We will always be an exciting work in progress.

We are so honored to have the clients we do, and our promise as leaders, is to make sure that we work as hard as we can each day to exceed our client’s expectations, and where we might fall short, and sometimes we do, that we always use our best endeavors to make it right and get back on track. I personally believe that it’s this humble mindset that has caused our law firm to grow each year for the last 18 years straight.

So, what does the road ahead look like for LOCMI? – well, watch this space and you will see how we make American Dreams come true every day.

If you have any questions about the above, please do not hesitate to send us an inquiry.
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