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US Retirement

US Retirement

Welcome to our video presentation on relocating to retire in the US.  We’re delighted that you found us, so let’s get started. Everyday I get asked by relatively wealthy people if they can retire in the US.

Perhaps they have hundreds of thousands of dollars equity in their home, a great pension and considerable savings. There’s no question that they would ever be a burden on the state for anything. All they want is to retire in the US. Their dream is to retire to a place in the sun, or a place where they can just relax, enjoy their retirement and not be a bother to anyone.

I have to say that in reality it’s very difficult to retire in the US unless you have US citizen children who can sponsor you. If you do, then the process is very straight forward, although the bureaucracy makes the process somewhat lengthy. If you do not have any US citizen children then your options are limited to three: –

B2 Visa: This is a formal Embassy-issued tourist visa that anyone can apply for. For retirees the B2 visa is typically issued for 10 years (multiple entry), but the amount of time that can be spent in the US at any one time is 6 months (for us Brits – just about long enough to escape a harsh winter). Although a great option, the B2 visa has its limitations as the alien will not be able to qualify for a social security number, and this can be quite problematic in everyday life.

Even though the alien may have no intention to work, there are a range of issues where having a social security number is very helpful – such as – obtaining a driving license, (you can get one without a social security number but it is certainly easier with one), opening bank accounts, applying for medical insurance and so on. These basic necessities are made harder to achieve unless you have a social.

E2 Visa – Investment Visa: This visa is good for those retirees who still have a lot of vim and vigor. Such retirees can buy a small business that is already well run by capable staff and the alien owners will supervise and run the business between trips to the beach or golf course! The E2 visa is granted if you invest in such a going concern and thereby create at least a couple of jobs for Americans. Investments tend to be more than $100K, and any investment above $250K will more likely ensure that the alien purchases a business of the size where they will enable staff to operate the business, and where the business will generate a solid dependable income for the owner.

E2 visa holders can stay in the US for as long as their E2 visa business continues to thrive. The E2 visa is not a perfect system for retirees, but for some it is better than having to keep returning to their home country every six months, which can be quite unsettling. The E2 visa does come with a social security card for the investors and this can also make day-to-day living that bit easier.

EB5 Investment Visa/ Green Card – This requires that at least $500K to be invested into a Federally Designated Regional Center (FDRC). These are massive developments where developers have been licensed by the US Government to solicit overseas investments, and in the process of the alien investing into the project, they can apply for and be granted a green card for life. Plus, (typically after about 5-6 years) when the project is completed and sold, the investors should get their money back plus a little interest.

EB5 green cards offer a one-time permanent immigration solution although the price tag is very high. Also, the EB5 visa investment is not in anyway guaranteed. Just like the stock market, investors can make or lose money. We do not handle these types of cases as a law firm, but it’s important that you know about this option as a possibility nonetheless. We hope you found this presentation informative and helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact us so we can discuss any opportunity you may have.

Immigration Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram

Immigration Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram

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