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Part 1 – The U.S. Immigration Maze (Video Transcript) 

We’re delighted you’ve found us and hope you’ll have an excellent experience visiting with us.  We’ve put together this series of video presentations to give you a whistle-stop tour through the U.S. Immigration Maze. Hopefully, by the time you have an opportunity to review this presentation series, you’ll have a clearer idea as to your best path to achieving your American Dream.

I’m sure that if you’ve done any amount of online U.S. Immigration research you may feel more confused now than when you started! There are so many websites out there trying to entice you to go with them. Of course, that only makes sense – websites are online retail stores looking for customers.

Our clients constantly tell us that before they found us every website they went to had insufficient information to enable them to form any kind of reliable opinion as to what option might work for them. Each web site they went to had pieces of the puzzle missing and no matter how many websites they visited, they could never get a comprehensive understanding of everything or even a consistent answer.

Even the U.S. Embassy websites are the same, often with one page contradicting another. That’s why we call it the U.S. Immigration Maze.

It feels like every website has an apparent ‘careful limit’ to the amount of information they give you. On some level we get it, there are immigration law firms that don’t want you to take their information and try and do it yourself. There are also many kinds of liability issues the writers of these web pages are trying to deal with. At the end of the day each family situation must be evaluated on its own merits.

In our view, as a family that relocated from Northampton, England in 1999 to California, if you really care about your clients you can at least give them a website that provides a comprehensive and consistent view of the main immigration options.

All clients want to know is if their American Dream has potential – that’s all we wanted to know; and this is why we have dedicated ourselves as a U.S. Immigration law firm to provide prospective clients like you, and our clients, a comprehensive immigration tour. So please, enjoy all of the resources we’ve made available to you on our website.

Everyday we are rewarded with emails from prospective clients saying how much they’ve enjoyed reading the materials on our website and how much it helped them. It really does make a big difference if you have personally gone through the immigration process and, as we did, experience rejection and set backs along the way. We never gave up though, and now we are living our American Dream.

In the next presentation, we’re going to review the main family immigration options. You can contact us at any time to arrange a free consultation.

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