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Green Card Family Sponsorship

Green Card Family Sponsorship

Family Immigration Green Cards

Welcome to our Family Immigration Video Presentation Series, and we’re delighted that you found us.  In this presentation, we’re going to talk about how as a US Citizen, may file to sponsor your immediate family members.

Do you have an American citizen parent, sibling or child (over 21) willing to sponsor you for residency?

As outlined in this question, who can sponsor you for a ‘Green Card’? A Green Card provides the holder to live permanently in the US with the right to work and/or retire at will. If, as an alien, you have an American Citizen child over 21, they can sponsor you for a Green Card, and your wait time will be less than a year from start to finish in most cases.

If you are an alien over 21 years, and you have American parents, they can sponsor you and your wait time will be more than seven years. However, if you, as an alien are under 21, then the wait time will be less than a year from start to finish in most cases. If, as an alien, you have an American Citizen brother or sister over 21, they can sponsor you, but your wait time could be more than 10 years.

Every month the US Department of State publishes the wait times known as the “Visa Bulletin” for Green Cards based on family sponsorship and employment sponsorship. You can monitor these bulletins at any time. If this is an option that is of interest to you, please contact us so we can further examine your particular situation.

Are You Married to an American Citizen? 

If you’re married to an American citizen then your American spouse can sponsor you for your Green Card. The process can be quite convoluted over a 6-12 month period, but it can be filed whether you are currently in the US or outside the US.  Some people think that immigration is simply a question of completing the right forms and all will be well. Whilst this may ring true in theory the reality can be very different indeed.

We have many clients who come to us after they have attempted to represent themselves and who are now completely lost in the system. We prefer not to get involved in these types of cases, as we cannot run an efficient law office if all we end up to doing is cleaning up poorly prepared cases. So we would caution you not to try and do any immigration procedure without experienced attorney representation.

There are many questions to be asked and answered as to whether to file inside or outside America. Therefore, before making any firm decisions we would recommend that you call us for a free initial consultation before we get the ball rolling.

We hope you enjoyed this presentation.

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