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The EB3 is a green card application available to anyone who has at least two years of professional training or academic education or a BA degree. Unlike the H-1B graduate visa which is only open to aliens with a BA or 12 years progressive experience the EB2 green card is available is less restrictive.  Therefore an RN Nurse only requires two years of vocational training and would be eligible for a EB2 green card. A skilled carpenter, electrician, plumber, journeyman or artisan with the right qualifications and job opportunity could be eligible for the EB3 green card.

Of the 140,000 Employment based green card issued each year only approximately 40,000 are available to EB3 applicants. Needless to say, the 40,000 is nearly always exhausted to the point where the waiting time to having the case reviewed is between 3-5 years.  An employer is never going to want to wait 3-5 years for a would be employee to start work, therefore it is important to explore what other visa options might be available to bridge that gap. Here are ideas.

For those EB3 candidates that do have a BA or 12 years progressive experience they can apply for the H-1B visa (subject to availability) and work on that until their EB3 application is processed.  Alternatively, lesser qualified aliens can chose to go back to school so that they can qualify for a work permit on the back of their student visas. for more details please check out the H-1B and Student visa sections of the website.

It is very important to waste no time in getting set up for your green card applications, for example, the sooner you can get onto your green card the safer your status in the US will be. If a non-immigrant alien loses their job they may have to leave the US very abruptly, but if the have their green card then losing their job does not mean losing your American Dream. Another reason to push for your green card quickly is that many aliens bring with them teenage children some may be very academic and eager to go to college while others may not be academic at all. Making sure that you get them settled with a green card before their 21st birthday can make all the difference for them.

Each Thumbnail image represents an EB3 tutorial video, so enjoy. The EB3 Green Card option is a great option, but it should be considered as part of a series of immigration steps – an end goal, if you will, as opposed to a starting point. I’ve put together this video series to walk you step-by-step through the process so that you can see where the EB3 green card could fit in your overall US immigration strategy. In some cases, if you have a BA degree, it may be worth considering going for an MA degree because, oftentimes, this will open up more opportunities for you and can speed up your journey towards green card status. Whether you get your green card through marriage, or through having a BA or MA, at the end of the day, as long as you’re able to secure a green card, you can reside permanently in the US. So enjoy exploring the various immigration options and get in touch when you feel ready to talk things over, we’d love to hear from you.

As a law firm we care very much about the entire family’s immigration needs and will work very closely with you making sure that everyone needs are considered and worked on. Call today for a free consultation so we can have that discussion you’d been thinking about.

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