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Part 2 – Qualification Requirements

Welcome to the Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram. We’re delighted to have you join us for our second video in this presentation series on the EB3 Green Card.

In part one, we listed the four elements you need to have in place in order to secure an EB3 green card.

 – Firstly, you must have the minimum level of education –

 – – Two Years Professional Training, and/or

 – – Two Years Academic Education, and/or

– –  A Bachelors Degree

– Secondly, you must secure employment for a job that requires your particular skill set.

– Thirdly, the employer must be unable to fill the vacancy with an American.

– Fourthly, there must be green cards available from the annual quota of EB3 green cards provided.

In this presentation we’re going to focus on the employment requirements.

EB3 Green Card – Skilled Level Job

As discussed in our previous presentation, in order to qualify for an EB3 green card you must be a skilled worker that has undergone at least two years of rigorous vocational and/or academic training.  This second element requires that those skills will be put to work in the US work force.

What US Immigration is looking for here is that the vacancy that the alien is coming to fill is not beneath their skill set. For example, a fully qualified alien Accountant would not be granted an EB3 green card to work as a bookkeeper.  This is because not only is the alien over qualified, but the book keeping job does not require two years of rigorous training, perhaps a few months to a year at most.

Similarly, a fully qualified alien Registered Nurse would not be successful in their EB3 green card applications if the job on offer were for a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN). Here, most LVN courses full-time are 12-14 months or part-time 18-20 months. LVN positions are too low for the EB3 green card requirements.

The message here is that we have to make sure that your qualifications and those of the job on offer are sufficient to pass these EB3 green card elements.

In the next presentation, we’ll discuss the third element, where the US employer is unable to find a suitably qualified American to hire.


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