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U.S. Recruiting Oil and Gas Execs, Managers and Engineers

U.S. Recruiting Oil and Gas Execs, Managers, and Engineers

If you’re looking to settle in the U.S. permanently then you need the EB1 Self-Sponsored Green Card. Contact our offices today for details.

With oil and gas prices hitting new lows, even the very best oil and gas workers are finding themselves migrating around the world to take up new posts. Many are looking to relocate to the U.S., where there are still opportunities for workers in the oil and gas industry. There are many expatriate oil and gas workers who are currently in the U.S. on a work visa, however, they worry about the possibility of having to uproot their family and move to another country due to downsizings of the Company.

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We have the expertise to help oil and gas Executives, Managers and Engineers position themselves to stay in the U.S. permanently, even if they find themselves between jobs. Our speciality is helping oil and gas Executives, Managers and Engineers secure permanent resident status in the U.S. under the EB1 Green Card program.

In other words, for our clients who are already in the U.S., we’re able to prepare and secure EB1 Green Cards for them so they can stay in the U.S. For our clients who are looking to relocate to the US, we’re able to prepare and secure EB1 Green Cards for them so they can enter the US with their permanent resident EB1 Green Card papers in place prior to their arrival.

With the right US Immigration planning we can create all kinds of opportunities for you and your family so that you can take full advantage of the current economic conditions affecting many oil and gas Executives, Managers and Engineers like you.

As an Oil and Gas Worker How Do I Settle My Family in the U.S.?

On the move again? If you want to settle in the US regardless as to whether you are currently in a contract or you want to be in a position to pitch yourself to US companies without having ask them to sponsor you then the EB1 Self-Sponsored Green Card is certainly your best option. Give your family the independence they need.

On the move again? If you want to settle in the U.S. – whether you are currently in a contract or you want to be in a position to pitch yourself to U.S. companies without having to ask them to sponsor you – then the EB1 Self-Sponsored Green Card is certainly your best option. Give your family the independence they need.

There are many visas that allow oil and gas workers to work in the U.S., but only one that really allows them to settle permanently on their own terms whether or not they have employment: the EB1 Self-Sponsored Green Card. The EB1 Self-Sponsored Green Card allows the very best oil and gas executives, managers, and engineers to sponsor themselves for their own green card without the involvement of a U.S. employer. In other words, what you are applying for is the right to come to the US, and to find work for yourself at the time of your choosing.

Yes – it may sound too good to be true, and you might be wondering why you might not have heard of the EB1 Self-Sponsored Green Card, also known as the EB1 Green Card for Aliens of Extraordinary Ability. Perhaps you may have heard of it, but then have been told it is only for Nobel Prize winners, etc. Another reason why you might not have heard of the EB1 Self-Sponsored Green Card is because, for most employers, this is perhaps not the best path for them. When many multinational companies are looking for immigration options for their international employees, they may consider the following visas: –

The H-1B Graduate Visa

The L-1A or L-1B Intra Company Transfer Visa

The O-1A Aliens of Extraordinary Ability Visa

Without getting into the full details of all of these visa options, the one missing element among them is the notion of getting your “Green Card,” or Legal Permanent Residency. At worse, if your employment suddenly ends for any reason your family’s legal right to remain in the U.S., even to look for another job, evaporates in just a matter of days. In fact, the first barrier you might run into is that potential new employers may not want to hire an alien because they prefer a worker who could start immediately, and who already had their green card in place.

So, if you’re an oil and gas Executive, Manager, or Engineer, the absolute best immigration option for you is to work your way into an EB1 Self-Sponsored Green Card. Even if you already have an H-1B Graduate Visa, L-1A or L-1B Intra-Company Transfer Visa, or an O-1A Visa; the day may come when you will wish you had your own EB1 green card.

What is an EB1 Green Card?

The U.S. government annually reserves 40,000 First Preference Priority Worker EB1 Green Cards for people who can be considered Aliens of Extraordinary Ability. Forty Thousand. Hmmm. When you think about it, that’s a lot of people. Truth is, there are a ton of EB1 Green Card opportunities that are left over every year because of lack of sufficient applications to exhaust the quota. Meanwhile, the H-1B Graduate Visa Program that has a 65,000 cap is over-subscribed 3 times over. The contrast between the quotas makes one wonder how many of the rejected H1-B applicants could have qualified for the EB1 Self Sponsored Green Card.

How Do I Qualify for an EB1 Green Card?

The way U.S. Immigration identifies who can be considered an Alien of Extraordinary Ability is by asking applicants to satisfy three of the ten EB1 requirements. Applicants can outline achievements from their careers, including winning a major award. However, while very few people have won a major internationally recognized award, thousands of applicants can find three areas of career achievements that will qualify them for the EB1 Self-Sponsored Green Card. Many applicants find that with a few phone calls to colleagues they can get the evidence to qualify quite easily. So, lets take a look at the EB1 Green Card list: –

(i) National Award – Documentation of the alien’s receipt of lesser nationally or internationally recognized prizes or awards for excellence in the field of endeavor; [More Info]

(ii) Invited Membership – Documentation of the alien’s membership in associations in the field for which classification is sought, which require outstanding achievements of their members, as judged by recognized national or international experts in their disciplines or fields; [More Info]

(iii) Published Material About You – Published material about the alien in professional or major trade publications or other major media, relating to the alien’s work in the field for which classification is sought. Such evidence shall include the title, date, and author of the material, and any necessary translation; [More Info]

(iv) Judging – Evidence of the alien’s participation, either individually or on a panel, as a judge of work of others in the same or an allied field of specialization for which classification is sought; [More Info]

(v) Innovation – Evidence of the alien’s original scientific, scholarly, artistic, athletic, or business-related contributions of major significance in the field; [More Info]

(vi) Scholarly Articles – Evidence of the alien’s authorship of scholarly articles in the field, in professional or major trade publications or other major media; [More Info]

(vii) Exhibitions or Showcases – Evidence of the display of the alien’s work in the field at artistic exhibitions or showcases; [More Info]

(viii) Leading/Critical Role – Evidence that the alien has performed in a leading or critical role for organizations or establishments that have a distinguished reputation; [More Info]

(ix) High Salary – Evidence that the alien has commanded a high salary, or other significantly high remuneration for services, in relation to others in the field; or [More Info]

(x) Commercial Success – Evidence of commercial successes in the performing arts, as shown by box office receipts or record, cassette, compact disk, or video sales. [More Info]

One Time International Award [More Info]

Let’s go and get your green card.

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If you have indeed won a major internationally recognized award then we’ll have no problem quickly securing your EB1 green card.

Can People Like Me Qualify For an EB1 Green Card?

Yes, absolutely. If you take a look at our EB1/O-1A/NIW Approvals Gallery you will see plenty of people from all walks of life whom U.S. Immigration have designated as EB1 Aliens of Extraordinary Ability. Let’s take a look at some testimonials from the oil and gas industry.

AdielMy name is Abdiel.   I am a native of Panama, where I live right now.  I am a Chemical Engineer with an MBA and I have spent over 20 years working for multi-national companies with most of the experience in the oil & gas industry.   During this time, I have held managerial positions with regional and global scope in different areas of the business.   I have had the opportunity to travel to many places and live in two countries.   I have developed a great appreciation for the value of exposure to multicultural environments and that has been a complement to the success in my professional and personal life. I have lived in the United States for a total of more than 10 years and during two different periods.   I moved to the US right after graduation from high school. [More]

EmmaMy name is Emma. I am originally from the North East of England, the product of a Yorkshire dad and an Irish mum. Since I graduated from University in 1999, I’ve been employed by an oil major and have worked all over the world, including stints in Brussels and most recently Houston, TX……I love my job and the variety of people I get to work with from all over the world.  

My most recent stint as an expat was in Houston, TX and I’ve been here since 2008…..I absolutely love it. The lifestyle and weather are wonderful, the opportunities are endless in my area of work, the people are friendly, my friends are great and I volunteer with a dog rescue organization. I bought a house, adopted a dog and decided that after 10 years of moving around, this was where I wanted to put down my roots. [More]


My name is John. I have been working in Europe as a Senior Engineer on the largest offshore pipeline project ever attempted.  This European Parliamentary sanctioned, award winning, world-class project was a success, but all good things come to an end.  This prompted us to look at what we would do when the project was completed.

While working in Switzerland on this project we purchased a house in Florida.  After only a short time, we fell in love with the way of life we experienced while on vacation there.  This prompted us to look into the possibility of making Florida our home base.  Initially it looked nearly impossible without being sponsored by a company.  It became evident that very few companies were willing to go through the long and difficult process of sponsoring an international Expat.  This prompted us to contact an immigration lawyer to see what could be done. [More]


My name is Guillermo. Although born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I was raised in Mexico City after my Family’s relocation to that city in the late 70s. In 1987, having moved back to Argentina, I finished high school and went on to study Chemical Engineering, graduating in 1995.

During my last year at the University, I took a part-time job with a paints manufacturer owned by I.C.I. (Imperial Chemical Industries) and thus began my career within the energy, steel, mining and chemicals industries (they’re all pretty much related) having had the opportunity to travel the World because of it. I have had the fortune of working in fun, varied projects such as the development of the first Argentine satellites (the SAC Series).

The development and launch of new fluorocarbon molecules in compliance with the Montreal and Kyoto Protocols or the development of new steels and steel-pipe connections to cope with the most difficult environments in oil & gas exploration and production within deepwater and shale related projects. [More]

People Just Like You?

Hopefully these testimonials give you an indication as to the caliber of the clients who have been able to secure EB1 Green Cards for their family with the help of our firm. Over and over we hear what a life changing difference having an EB1 Green Card has made to the lives of the families, especially the children, who just want to settle in one place. Overall, America is a pretty good place to settle your family, and the EB1 Green Card can make that happen.

How Long Will it Take to Get My EB1 Green Card?

Depending on how quickly you can gather all of the documentation we’ll need, and please don’t rush off and start gathering documents just yet, we can prepare and file your case typically within 60-days and we can get a decision in about two weeks (if we file your case under what is called Premium Processing). Once your case is approved, then we can apply for the issuance of your green cards. The Green Card processing time will depend on where you are now, inside or outside the US. We’ll help you determine the most expedient immigration solution to meet your timeline issues.

How Do We Get the Ball Rolling?

We offer free telephone consultations, or you can simply submit your C.V. / Résumé for review. Once we have identified the most promising categories and feel that you can meet them, you can hire us to begin work on your case. So, depending on your time zone, please give us call and complete our inquiry form. Cheers for now!

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