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AdrianI have been working in Europe as a Senior Engineer on the largest offshore pipeline project ever attempted.  This European Parliamentary sanctioned, award winning, world-class project was a success, but all good things come to an end.  This prompted us to look at what we would do when the project was completed.

While working in Switzerland on this project we purchased a house in Florida.  After only a short time, we fell in love with the way of life we experienced while on vacation there.  This prompted us to look into the possibility of making Florida our home base.  Initially it looked nearly impossible without being sponsored by a company.  It became evident that very few companies were willing to go through the long and difficult process of sponsoring an international Expat.  This prompted us to contact an immigration lawyer to see what could be done.

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We found Chris M. Ingram ESQ doing a search on Google.  Honestly I have to admit that I probably did not do as much research as I should have, but we lucked out when we found him.  It was talking with him personally that made us decide to take the plunge; and start the green card process with him.  Chris was very upfront with us.  He told us there were no guarantees, but also promised to do everything in his power to make it work.  Chris then suggested that we go for the EB1 green card, a green card that does not require a job in the USA or sponsor.  Chris Ingram did everything in his power; using his detailed knowledge of how the immigration system works to present a case that was accepted in half the time it normally takes to accept an EB1 green card case.

Chris’ legal support team worked hard on our behalf to make sure documents were relevant and done correctly.  They also guided us on how to find and present the documentation needed to prove the EB1 case.  Sometimes it was as simple as asking what makes us extraordinary, and how can I prove that.  Other times it meant asking for specific documentation and compiling it in a way that would be presentable and understandable to the personnel reviewing EB1 cases.  In short Chris Ingram kept the promise of the first conversation I had with him; he did everything in his power to get us approved.

When we found out about our EB1 being approved we were ecstatic.  We were finally able to solidify our plans for the future.  Our boys would be able to go to University in the US as a resident without any special visas, saving us a pile of money.  For my wife, it was her dream come true.  She wanted to put cold winters, and weeks without seeing the Sun behind her.  She loved the Florida Sun and warm weather.  For me it meant that I would be able to work without the problems associated with being a Foreigner in the US.

This may sound strange, but one of the things I am looking forward to is the ease and cost of doing things.  I can throw away garbage without paying a large fee.  All recycling is put into one container; I do not have to separate it myself on a Saturday morning at the recycling depot, it is just picked up at my house.

If I need a tradesman to work on my house, it does not cost a mortgage payment and two weeks wait to get the work done.  Yard work is done by a company that does the whole community for a very reasonable fee.  When I order something online, they actually are able to ship it to my house.

Lastly, I can live with my family in a beautiful home in a gated community for the cost of a basic two bedroom apartment in Switzerland.  Actually this is a slight exaggeration, a two bedroom apartment would actually cost more than what I paid for my 6 bedroom, 6 bathroom house with attached pool and hot tub, overlooking a private protected conservation area.  

And finally there is the Florida weather; it does not take long to get used to flip flops and shorts.

EB1 Green Card Success: When it comes to Innovation in the Oil and Gas pipeline business John is something of a genius, but he is certainly much too modest to admit it. Let me take a moment to say something to all of our readers. I speak to a lot of very talented people who are so modest unless you really dig into their achievements you’d never know how gifted they are. John is like that. America absolutely needs the best and brightest to come and settle here. The challenge is self-identifying as being amongst the best and the brightest. For some people you simply need to ask yourself one question: why are they paying you the big bucks. For others is, why are you trusted with such important responsibilities. How about this one: why do you think you or your company won a particular award. John was an absolute pleasure to work with because he is very much a task oriented person and winning EB1 cases is all about completing detailed tasks. John, thank you for being an awesome client. From all of us here we wish you every success living your American Dream in Florida. I look forward to visiting you in your new six-bedroom house, hopefully there is room as I have a big family and staff wanting to come and visit (LOL).

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