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P1-P3 Visas Cultural Touring

P1-P3 Visas Cultural Touring

P Visas – The Arts, Sports and Culture

The P visa was created to provide opportunities for aliens primarily performing as a group and not individually to tour in the US.  The P visa, like it’s big brother, the O1 visa, was also created by the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1990.  In addition to covering performing and fine artists, the P1 also covers athletes.

It is important to make clear that the O1 visa (aliens of extraordinary ability) enables individuals to enter and work in their field of specialty, but the P visa does not allow individuals to work unless they meet the criteria stated below.  This having been said, P visa applicants do not have to have reached the pinnacle of their careers like O1 visa applicants, but P visa applicants do need to be nationally, or internationally known. For example, the group may have performed in other countries, or toured their own country and are known to the community appreciating their artistic endeavors.

P Visa Types

P-1 Visa: Members of an entertainment group

P-2 Visa: Entertainers who are part of a reciprocal international exchange program

P-3 Visa: Aliens who are coming to perform in programs that are culturally unique

Spouses and minor children of P visa holders will be issued a P-4 visa.

Sponsorship Requirements: P visa applicants are required to be represented or sponsored by a US organization or agent who might be coordinating the event or tour.  The role of the sponsor is to provide a detailed account of the nature of the event or tour, and confirm the suitability of the applicants accordingly. Evidence will of course need to be submitted about the event(s) itself. Perhaps the event is an annual festival of some kind, so there will be past publicity surrounding the event and its status within the community. At the same time we’ll be working with you to make sure that you submit sufficient information about your particular entertainment group so that we can establish the group’s notoriety to meet the P visa requirements.

Requirements and Undertakings For P Visa Holders – P-1 thru P-3 visa applicants must be coming to the US for a temporary purpose such as a festival or to tour and so forth. If the band members want to settle in the US permanently, then we’d discuss additional and alternative visa options such as looking to see if each band member could qualify for their own O1 or EB1 visa. Therefore, while in the US on a P-1 visa they must retain a foreign home residence and sufficient evidence to show that they are maintaining their home ties.

Supporting Band Members – Many larger and well-known bands may have supporting technicians for lighting, set up and tear down crews, managers and so forth that make the event possible.  These supporting members can also obtain P1-B visas to enable them to travel and perform their responsibilities.

All Forms of Artist Expression Welcome – It’s important not to leave you with the impression that the P-1 thru P-3 visas are just for bands and groups, but these visas also include all forms of artistic expression such as painting, dancing, teaching workshops and anything that could be considered as being culturally unique and enriching. We hope you found this presentation informative and helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact us so we can discuss any opportunity you may have.

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