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EB1 Chemical Engineer Guillermo

It was a real pleasure working with Guillermo on both his EB1 green card and O1-A visa. Applying for the O-1A visa was a strategic move designed to enable Guillermo to start work immediately after his O-1A visa was approved and stamped into his passport. The EB1 green card, even approved, still takes a few more months to actually materialize as a green card in your hand. Finally, by making two applications this also gave Guillermo two chances to get the EB1 green card, O1-A visa or both. In Guillermo’s case everything we applied for was approved without any requests for further evidence so we were delighted that Guillermo could not only start his job on time, but also he’ll also get his green card that will allow him to switch employers or go self-employed if he wished to in the future. If you’d like to be considered for an EB1 green card and or an O1-A visa please do not hesitate to give us a call on 310 496 4292.

Although born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I was raised in Mexico City after my Family’s relocation to that city in the late 70s. In 1987, having moved back to Argentina, I finished high school and went on to study Chemical Engineering, graduating in 1995.

During my last year at the University, I took a part-time job with a paints manufacturer owned by I.C.I. (Imperial Chemical Industries) and thus began my career within the energy, steel, mining and chemicals industries (they’re all pretty much related) having had the opportunity to travel the World because of it. I have had the fortune of working in fun, varied projects such as the development of the first Argentine satellites (the SAC Series).

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The development and launch of new fluorocarbon molecules in compliance with the Montreal and Kyoto Protocols or the development of new steels and steel-pipe connections to cope with the most difficult environments in oil & gas exploration and production within deepwater and shale related projects.

Although I did enjoy the technical problems I was solving for the different companies I have worked for in my career, I also wanted to understand how the businesses were actually being run. This is why, in 2000, I decided to pursue a Master in Business Administration at the University of Texas at Austin. Since I am a believer in life-long learning, I have continued to seek out technical and business training in places such as MIT or Northwestern University. Only recently I decided to pursue another masters degree on a subject I feel passionate about: Foreign Affairs. I thus joined a part-time program from the University of London’s CISD (Center for International Studies and Diplomacy), and I am currently working towards my Master of Arts in Global Diplomacy, aiming to graduate in July 2015.

My infatuation with America most probably began during a summer school exchange trip to Western Massachusetts when I was eleven years old back in the early 80s. This took place during Ronald Reagan’s presidency, in the Cold War’s late period. The people’s warmth, the feeling of purpose, the pride in the colors they all had a big impact in my psyche. That was probably the first time I felt myself becoming an American in spirit. The years I’ve spent studying and working in this beautiful country, plus my two Yankee sons (born in New Jersey of all places!), only helped to strengthen my feeling of belonging.

Due to personal and professional reasons, I had to move back to Argentina in 2006, spending eight years in my home country working mostly with Oil & Gas products in projects Worldwide. But last year, and due to the strong network of friends and colleagues we have in that city, with my Family we decided it was time to return to live in the US, and more specifically to Houston, Texas.

Given that in the past I had been living in the US under non-immigrant visas (F1 / H1-B), I needed to find a means to return to the US and to ideally do so as a permanent resident. This is when I started to seek out professional help for the endeavor, and this is how I ultimately found the Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram.

After having spoken with two other lawyers about my case, I did have my first interview with Chris in May 2013. Immediately I detected his breadth and depth of knowledge and experience about US immigration processes as well as his ability to read a person’s life story, condensing the most essential points required to make the case, and drafting potential paths to follow.

In July 2013, I signed Chris and the Team to help me pursue an O1-A Visa (in case I were to find a sponsor willing to hire me in the US), and, if I was lucky, an EB-1 Green Card based on the merits of my professional achievements over the last eighteen years of my career as a chemical engineer turned product developer turned business manager.

After securing a mining company’s interest in hiring me (starting in January 2014), both the EB-1 and O1-A cases were filed a day before Thanksgiving. Noteworthy was the massive effort pulled forth by Lindsey (the other associate assigned to the case) and Chris himself in order to meet the tight deadlines we had set for the case.

The days following the filing of the case were filled with anxiety. In spite of one’s hopefulness and trust on the (potential) strength of ones’ case, one realizes that much depends on the assessment of the person at USCIS that is assigned to make the decision about one’s case.


GuillThankfully, and interestingly, the answer for the EB-1 Green Card came in earlier than the one for the O1-A Case and it was a positive decision! Just ten days after the original filing, on December 9th, I was granted Permanent Residence in the United States. The best news was that there was no need to answer any RFEs (Requests for Further Evidence)!

It was a Tuesday morning (December the 10th), and my oldest son Matthias woke up earlier than usual, he found me reading the paper in our living room, and we had a conversation about the case and how things were moving along (he seldom did this – perhaps a sixth sense?). Right before breakfast, as is my custom, I headed to my home office to check the e-mail box for news. I was almost knocked off my feet the moment I found an email from Chris containing the good news about the approval of my EB-1 Green Card. To make matters even better: just a few days later, on the 16th of December, we received notice that my O1-A case had also been approved!

Needless to say that the news has turned our holiday celebrations into a very special one.  I’m very greatful for the efforts of Chris and his Team.

We are planning now to move definitely to the Houston area over the next few weeks. All of my Family is quite enthused about our new American adventure, and I couldn’t be happier about my investment in the help of Chris’s Team and the outstanding results it has brought up for me and my Family. The effects of this decision and its consequences will positively ripple through the rest of my personal and professional life. A true, brilliant Breakthrough! Cheers to Team Ingram!!!

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