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Christina Antonio EB1 Green Card Visa Experience

Christian Antonio Picture My name is Christina Antonio, and I am the CEO and Managing Officer of Bespoke Leather Works. I am a British citizen, and studied Fashion Design in London, receiving a BA honors.

I first began my career as a fashion designer, specializing in leather outerwear and apparel as well leather fashion accessories. Since 2001, I have been living and working in the US with an O1 visa. My career path has been quite varied and colorful. I have worked on many exciting projects, including the HBO series Sex In The City. I have also designed costumes for high profile A-list celebrity events. Now at present, my career path has now evolved towards the high-end furniture and home accessories market.

In 2008, I began researching green card application criteria. It was something I had been discussing with my previous lawyer at the time, and decided to consider other immigration attorneys. I was finding the application process every three years quite cumbersome and wanted to make my status more permanent. It was at this time I came across The Law Offices Of Chris Ingram. I found the website very informative, and decided to take advantage of the free phone consultation they were offering.

During my initial consultation, Chris made me feel at ease and confident that we had a strong case. This was such a contrast from my previous attorney who told me that green card applications can take years. I was also happy to discover that he is a fellow ‘Brit’ and fully understood the process and how stressful it can be. He evaluated my achievements and immediately began crafting my case.

Working with Chris’s team was fantastic. We were working to a very tight deadline; we had three weeks to pull all of the information and paperwork together. Together, we set deadlines, and the team guided me through the process with expertise and patience. Chris and his team run a tight ship. The office is extremely organized and efficient, which is imperative when handling this much information. All correspondence was via email, which was so convenient for me. They cross referenced every single referral letter and piece of press. When it seemed that my case needed more information, Chris helped me dig deeper, to fill in any gaps. You will be surprised how much you can forget you’ve done over 10 years! Chris is a true professional as well a people person. I cannot stress enough how much you will appreciate that when you work with him.

The application was sent out on February 10th 2010; we received the approval from USCIS on March 15th 2010! (and this was without premium processing). I was completely shocked and beyond thrilled! I now have in my hand an official US Green Card and am truly enjoying the benefits and freedom of it.

I would highly recommend The Offices of Chris Ingram to anyone looking for an immigration attorney; guaranteed success!

US Immigration Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram
US Immigration Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram

US Immigration Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram
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