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Coronavirus: Re-opening America

By Chris M. Ingram, LL.M., ESQ

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It’s been just over two months since much of America was ordered to shelter-in-place, and during that time, we have lost over 90,000 lives to the coronavirus. Most of the victims have been predominantly older folk with pre-existing conditions, many living in nursing homes, but there have been quite a number of younger folks, including children, with no pre-existing conditions that have also succumbed to the illness. On many levels it has been horrifying to see the count rise each day. As of this week, much of America is attempting a re-open and I just wanted to give you my two cents as to what I think this all means with regards to the future of U.S. Immigration.
We Do Not Have a Vaccine Yet
Until we have a vaccine the coronavirus will remain amongst us. It is hoped that a vaccine will become available by the end of the year, but it will most likely not be until the spring of 2021 at the earliest world-wide. There is some very promising work being done in Oxford, UK and some promising work being done by Moderna in the U.S. too. There is a global dash to finding a vaccine, however most scientists talk about it taking 12-18 months at best to develop a vaccine and longer to develop cure. So, if we take January 2020 as being the starting point, then we’re looking at January 2021 thru June 2021 before we hopefully have a vaccine.
Living with the Coronavirus While Waiting for a Vaccine
Over the last couple of months, we have had to learn about social distancing, how to take steps to not contract the Coronavirus while waiting for the vaccine, therapies, and a cure. We know that many people have already had the Coronavirus and did not even know that had it because the symptoms were so mild, or they were ill for a few days and then recovered. The difficulty is that without having a widely available test kit for the antibodies we simply do not know who has been infected and who has not. I’m pretty sure that these test kits will become available over the course of the next few months.
We Have to Reopen the Economy
Unless America wants to see another civil war, people must have the right to go back to work in order to make a living. Those who are relatively well off can perhaps go for months and months without a paycheck, but the for people who live paycheck to paycheck, with kids to take care of, can find themselves in a real tight spot very quickly. You only have to see the long lines to the food banks to appreciate that some people are struggling right now. Remember, millions of people lost their jobs without warning literally overnight. Many people are desperate to get back to work, whilst practicing as much social distancing as possible, along with wearing masts, etc. than be forced to see all that they may have built up in life get dismantled.
The U.S. government, like many governments around the world is doing its best to provide stimulus benefits to its citizens worth trillions of dollars, to support businesses and provide unemployment benefits. These stimulus packages whilst welcome, are only a band-aid, and cannot be sustained for the longer term, even three-six months.
So, faced with these challenges, I can definitely get behind the policy of the U.S. economy opening back up again as soon as possible. Employers and employees need to get back to work, especially those whose businesses have had to shut completely. The major caveat I’d insist on is, providing that in getting back to work, we can do so safely, or at least as safely as possible.
Pent Up Economic Demand
I believe there is a massive amount of pent up economic demand. So many people are desperate to get back to work American’s cannot wait to be will be able to get back to their prior spending habits and meeting their day-to-day financial obligations. Getting back to paying rent, mortgages, car loans, travelling again, etc, is a must. So, once we’re open for business the economy will bounce back, not immediately, but certainly increasingly over the course of the next 12 months. Seeing life get back to a new normal will be very inspiring.
12 Months of Technology Development in an Economic Recovery
During the shelter-in-place period many technologies have gone mainstream. For example, technologies like Skype, Zoom, Insta Cart, Uber Eats, and thousands more have benefitted from the pandemic, or put it another way, the pandemic forced us to into a more technological lifestyle in a way that no amount of advertising and marketing could.
As the U.S. economy re-opens, companies all over the country will be looking to technology to help them adjust to the new requirements that the pandemic forced upon them. For many businesses it will be, adapt to every technological opportunity available, or get permanently put out of business.
My points is this, STEM professionals will be in more demand than at any time in recent our history. Indeed, the demand for these skills will be insane.
Whilst the U.S. has lost, we hope temporarily, almost 40 million jobs in the last eight weeks or so, the vast majority, not all, of STEM professionals kept their jobs, and when the re-hiring starts, that small percentage of STEM professionals who lost their jobs will be first in-line to get their jobs back because they will be required to lay down the new technological framework under which other workers will be able to return to work.
12 Months of U.S. Immigration Growth
When it comes to U.S. Immigration, many Congress has placed a numerical cap on the number of qualified people who can actually be issued visas or green cards. For example, there is a limited number of graduate H-1B visas, but not a limit on the number of L-1AIntra-Company Transfer visas.
With respect to green cards, there is a limit on all green cards that can be issued in any given year, and when that quota has been reached, then you will fall into the backlog system known as retrogression, which means you could be waiting for years to get your green card issued even if you meet all of the qualifying requirements.
I’ve been saying for months now, that if you work in STEM, and you want a green card, you should be cracking on with preparing your application right now so you can get in line. The longer you wait, watching the news about the Coronavirus, and not doing anything to secure your green card, when the demand reaches fever pitch, which it will, you will find yourself frustrated that you are now at the back of the line.
There are hundreds of thousands of highly talented H-1B visa graduate workers in the U.S. with no green card exit strategy. Many of these H-1B professionals, with some hard work, could qualify for an EB-1 self-sponsored green card or perhaps the NIW self-sponsored green card. So, again, I would urge you to review the links provided here to research these options to see if they are right for you, and then get in touch so we can show you how to get your green card.
Do not rely on your employer sponsoring you for your green card because, if for any reason you lose your job, there goes your green card hopes. So, you want to be in command of securing your own green card on your own terms so that you are in a position to transfer to any higher paying job at will. You can only be truly independent when you have secured green card status.
America will come roaring back, it always does, not because of any political agenda, forget that; American will come roaring back because that is the spirit and DNA of America. America is the most progressive ‘can do’ country in the world, rough around the edges perhaps, but it has boundless energy and grit. So, if this is where you’d like to make your home, there is no reason for you not to pursue your dream. Start today, we’re here for you.


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