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If you are considering making an E2 visa investment, consider purchasing an Edible Arrangements franchise, one of the most highly respected entrepreneurial franchises in the United States.

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This is a business model that you should consider if you are looking to work in a high energy, fast-paced culture.

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Out goal here is to just do some initial research for you and give you some ideas as to the variety of opportunities. If you are interested in starting an Edible Arrangements franchise, let us know as we have some excellent contacts.

Ok – let’s get into some details about the Edible Arrangements Franchise.

Celebrating the Good Things

Edible Fruit ThumbEdible Arrangements is all about celebrating the good things in life. The corporate structure is built around a belief that everyone has something to celebrate everyday. The culture is high energy, fast-paced, youthful and progressive, and employees of the franchise report a high sense of accomplishment at the end of each day (that might be due to the free fruit that is provided to employees throughout the day).

Edible Arrangements was founded in 1999 and began franchising in 2001. The goal of the founder, Tariq Farid (an immigrant from Pakistan who won the International Franchise Association entrepreneur of the year award in 2008), was to deliver bouquets of fresh fruit sculpted to look like flowers. There are now over 1,000 Edible Arrangement franchises in the United States, and the franchisor is looking to expand in all areas.

Edible Arrangements is an attractive investment opportunity for someone looking for a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment with all the benefits of a proven corporate structure. It is ranked #40 on the 2015 Franchise 500.

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Edible Arrangements – A Worthwhile E2 Investment

There are two important considerations for determining whether or not a franchise is a good choice for an E2 investor; 1) does the franchise allow absentee ownership, and 2) will the franchise create enough jobs to qualify with US Immigration?

For Edible Arrangements, the answer to both of these questions is, “yes.”

Edible Arrangements allows absentee ownership, meaning you can hire and train the right team and then allow them to run the business for you while you enjoy your new life in the US.

A typical Edible Arrangements store requires 6-7 employees, more than enough to meet the job creation requirements of the E2 visa.

Simple Edible Arrangement ThumbInvestment Requirements

A typical Edible Arrangements franchise will require an upfront investment of $192,695 – $326,445.

Net Worth Requirements

For Edible Arrangements you will need to show a net worth of $250,000.

Note: Net worth is basically the value of your assets minus the value of your debts, and franchisors normally require you to show a certain net worth in order to guarantee that you are going to be successful in the business.

Liquidity Requirements

Liquidity is important because it guarantees the franchisor that you will have cash on hand in an emergency.

For a Edible Arrangements franchise, you are required to have $80,000 cash on hand.

Note: While a line of credit may be sufficient to meet this requirement, as a new arrival to the US under an E2 visa you may not have immediate access to lines of credit. Make sure you consider this in your overall investment budget. 

Edible Boquet Prep ThumbnailTraining Requirements

Edible Arrangements provides two weeks of hands-on training for all new franchisees and managers at the corporate headquarters in Connecticut. After finishing this training, a Field Business Leader will provide further in-store training as you approach your Grand Opening day. Additionally, there is extensive, additional, ongoing training through proprietary software that is provided for you and your employees to access at will.

Edible Arrangements also provides on-the-road training sessions, and specific training events at corporate headquarters throughout the year.


Along with training, a strong culture and a proven corporate structure, Edible Arrangements also offers: strong brand recognition, a strong support network, meetings, toll-free phone lines, internet, field operations/evaluations, purchasing cooperatives, co-0p advertising, ad slicks, and a national and regional media presence.

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Franchise Fee / Royalty

All franchise owners have to pay a small royalty or commission on the business they generate using the franchise name and business model. In many cases, but not all, you will be required to pay:

  1. An initial Franchise Fee to become a franchise owner,
  2. A royalty based on a percentage of the monthly gross of the business; and,
  3. A franchise fee for any advertising and corporate promotions.

Edible Arrangements requires a franchise fee of $30,000.

Edible Arrangements will charge you an ongoing royalty of 5% of your revenues.

Edible Boquet ThumbnailFinding Your Location

As your E2 visa immigration lawyers, we would be delighted to work with you and get you connected with the best person within Edible Arrangements to help you secure your location. Give us a call and we will get the ball rolling for you.

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Free Consultation

We offer free initial consultations to anyone looking for an E2 visa and a matching business. Our goal is to provide all of your clients with the very best advice and support possible, so do not hesitate to call for your free consultation.


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