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E2 Visa – Lindsey South Africa to USA

Lindsey's E2 Visa Success

Lindsey’s E2 Visa Success

Lindsey and Fabian, share a very solid testimonial about some of the ups and downs of relocating to a new company and buying a business. It’s important as future clients that you do not just get the rose colored perspective but that you also get read about some of the tougher aspects of relocation under the E2 visa.

The American Dream is Alive and Well
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Yes – it’s true that the E2 visa does not automatically give you’re a green card, but the spouse can obtain a work permit and in some cases the spouse can earn significantly more outside the business than inside the business especially if the working spouse is highly educated and skilled.

Moreover, the work permit can certainly lead to finding an employer who might sponsor your for a green card, which is super cool.

We hope you enjoy reading Lindsey and Fabian’s testimonial about their experiences with the E2 visa and buying their business.

Fabian - The Barista

Husband, Fabian – The Barista

The Interview

Fabian and I were born in South Africa but moved to the UK as newly-weds.  We always wanted to come to the USA but the process had previously seemed too daunting.  While researching options for family who wanted to possibly leave South Africa we discovered the E2 option.  While not ideal in that is doesn’t offer “permanent” residence, we decided to make the change and pursue it, if it meant we could move to the USA.

Overall we have been pleased with the net result, but the process is not for the faint of heart.  Significant investment both financially and in ways that show the US authorities you are serious can be hard to see through.  We were fortunate to be the first clients who were awarded the full 5 years from the London Consulate, however, the traveling back and forth each two years, and then after five is expensive and inconvenient.

The business we purchased was not exactly the same on paper and in reality.  Whether this was an intentional omission by the seller or simply poor management we will never know, however the end result is that we have not initially been able to take a wage from the business.

Yes, having the work permit approved was a relief and offers us as a family some additional options should we need them.

We have a very positive relationship with attorney Ingram and his staff.  They are responsive, helpful and available, which is both appreciated and necessary in these situations.

I’d advise anyone considering a work permit application to get it done sooner rather than later as the process, while not complex, is lengthy and obtaining work without the correct documentation is to be avoided.

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