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E2 Visa – Property Developer

E2 Visa - William - Property Developer

E2 Visa – William – Property Developer

William and Shereene’s American Dream was to become property developers in the US, somewhere rural and close to nature, so into the Nevada they went and they began building low cost housing for local residents. In the process William and Shereene created many much needed local employment and became local heroes in their neighborhood. now talk about making a great impact.

Tell me about where you are from and a little bit about the entities of your business.

The American Dream is Alive and Well
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We are from London, had travelled a lot and hadn’t quite settled anywhere definitively yet.

The House That Will Built

The House That Will Built

Three years ago, my 5-months pregnant wife and I, moved to Vienna, Austria where I worked for the UN as a contractor. As exciting as it was and with a new baby, we decided to pursue a long-held interest in being self-employed​ and ​working in property investment.

An old contact involved in that line of work, provided us a base from which to set-up from and so here we are now, one year later, having successfully gained a 5-year E2 Visa and set-up a solid business.

Have you ever lived in the US before? If so, under what circumstances? If not, what aroused your interest in a move to the US?

​We have both travelled separately and together on several occasions to the US. Like many tourists, we had enjoyed our holidays, the food and culture. My wife and I shared a long-held desire to be self-employed with means of self-sufficiency. The opportunity to start fulfilling our dream came up as the market recovery began in the UK and the sale of our properties provided the start-up capital we needed.

Affordable Home Building

Affordable Home Building

Once made, this decision was wrought with worry at times. We put everything on the line and it was a steep learning curve as is setting-up any business. The Visa process was fairly straightforward though and Chris’ Ingram’s office provided all the support we needed so that we could focus on the details of setting-up our new lives and business in a new country successfully.

 How did you decide to pursue and E2 Visa?

Shereene began a search online for immigration options and attorneys and came across The Law Offices of Chris Ingram where the E Visas were readily presented and explained clearly.

Reading previous client testimonials, the wealth of information available, as well as Chris’ own story, gave us the confidence to make the call – a decision we have never regretted.

They confirmed the E2 visa as the most appropriate instrument for our family to live and integrate as a family into the USA with the prospect of employment for Shereene and Schooling for our 3-year-old daughter.

What was your experience with the E2 Visa process? Did you ever consider giving up? What was your motivation to keep pressing on?

Branding Your Company

Branding Your Company

To be honest, we found it challenging. There was a lot to consider. But our small family forged ahead and we kept moving forwards. When obstacles presented, we put our heads down and tried to focus on the benefits of a positive outcome.

Having Chris Ingram on board was incredibly reassuring and from our first conversation with Jeremy and Chris there was never any doubt in our mind that we would not get the E2 visa. We never felt pressured, despite the fact our case may have taken longer than normal and it was great to be able to pick up the phone and discuss any element of our case at any time.

What kind of relationship did/do you have with Chris (and his team)?

We feel that we have developed a good and friendly yet professional relationship with Chris and Jeremy. We also felt a genuine interest and care for our case.

What was your immediate reaction upon being approved at the U.S embassy by the adjudicating officer? How did you celebrate?

Although we were confident in our case, it was still a great relief that we had been approved and welcomed to the USA and that we could now focus 100% on our business and lives.  It also felt like a special achievement to be proud of given the famously tough immigration hurdles to enter into the USA.

We had a celebratory lunch on the way home from the US Embassy in London.

What are you looking forward to most about your move to the US?

Succeeding to build a profitable business and a good family life in the great outdoors.

What do you think you will miss the most when you leave your home abroad?

Family and friends.

What advice would you give to any immigrant considering starting the E2 Visa application or who is already in the process?

Blending Your Property With Community

Blending Your Property With Community

  • Make use of the invaluable resources to familiarize yourself with the process as a first step.
  • Be organised, get as much of the case setup and underway as you can before starting your
  • If you want to test the waters, that’s good, and we found that a B1/2 visa gave freedom to do that; but keep on top of the case otherwise it may start to be a financial drain.
  • Finally, go with Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram

Best wishes,

Will and Shereene


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