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E2 Visa Success – Jose and Adrianna

The E2 visa gave us the opportunity of a life time - now we can live the American Dream

The American Dream is Alive and Well
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Advice and Tips from Jose and Adrianna:

The Law offices of Chris M. Ingram were able to work with us from Columbia and Florida even though their offices are in California. Communication was always very effective, easy and constant. We felt supported and guided as needed. Having Spanish-speaking staff also made things easier.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 6.07.43 PMOne of the things we appreciated when working with the firm on our E2 visa was that fact Chris and his team from the very first interview was very methodical, organized, clear and very friendly; qualities that to us at the time we initiated a process was totally key.

You should be prepared that the E2 visa option can be quite frustrating at times, mainly because finding the right business can be tricky for a variety of reasons and as a result the process took a longer than expected, so be patient with yourselves as you take your time to invest your monies wisely. Knowing that we had the right team working with us helped us to continue with patience and certainty that after some time we found the perfect business for us.

Always tell yourself that giving up is not an option – if America is your dream never let anything or any one get in your way. We stayed focused I never considered giving up on the process instead we focused because all our energies on reaching our goal.

Picking an established business for your E2 visa makes perfect sense, as you are guaranteeing yourself an income from day one.

Picking an established business for your E2 visa makes perfect sense, as you are guaranteeing yourself an income from day one.

Let me tell you about how we felt when we got approved. Once you hear the words “you’re approved”, in that moment your world changes. I think I took a few minutes to assimilate that we had been approved for the visa. We sat inside the embassy to wait because after they said we had been approved I did not hear another word of what he said so I was not sure that we should do next.  In that moment my mind was sent spinning with excitement, anxiety and happiness. My husband and I left there happy but still we couldn’t believe it. We went to lunch to celebrate the two of us together as we told all our family and reported the good news back to the Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram.

My initial plans when we arrive in the US to take over the business is to implement our business plan to grow our business and if possible keep investing perhaps in other business as the US economy is on the up swing. All this experience is a great challenge for us that will serve to further our potential even more. We are aware that this is only the beginning and we want to learn and grow even more. We also want to continue learning and traveling the country.

When thinking about what we’ll miss I guess we’ll miss our friends, family and some typical things of our country like some foods and music, but this is all part and parcel of new beginnings.

If I were to give any readers tips as to going through the E2 visa process I would say that you must have a clear goal that will motivate you the difficulties you may encounter going through the process. Try not to understand everything at once because they are too many things to take in. Instead focus on just a few tasks at a time and then progress. Again, always keep in mind where you want to go because in the end you get to live the American Dream, a result that is very gratifying.

E2 Visa Success: E2 Visa Success: When you look at this happy couple you cannot help but get a good feeling about their case. Right from the start Adrianna and Jose were the perfect clients, every time you spoke with them you left feeling positive and motivated to do your best for them. We just love clients like that. Both Adrianna and Jose are highly educated but the way the US Immigration system is structured its very hard indeed for even highly educated individuals to find sponsorship with an American employer. Those aliens who are lucky enough to find a US employer often find that they are too many hurdles to go through due to a very limited quota structure. Typically, it’s only the larger employers who sponsor batches of aliens at a time who are able to work the system to their advantage. E2 visa is often the ideal solution because enables couples like Adrianna and Jose to relocate to the US on their time scale and knowing that one partner will automatically qualify for a work permit is awesome. So if you are reading this testimonial and you would like to relocate, be inspired, take the plunge and we’ll certainly work with you until you get that approval. Call today and see what we can do for you.


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