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About Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is a great opportunity to be your own boss in a rapidly expanding market. One of the best features about this business model is great revenue. If you buy a franchise with an established membership base then your income is very secure and you can even build it further with smart promotions. If you buy a brand new Anytime Fitness then you will have to work and be patient to build up your solid membership base.

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With a well-motivated staff this business model allows the owners not to be continuously hands on.

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Anytime Fitness was Founded in 2001 and beginning franchising operations in 2002, Anytime Fitness has quickly expanded to over 2200+ US locations and 3000+ worldwide locations, with the overwhelming majority of these locations being Owner Operated franchises.

Anytime Fitness is presently seeking new franchisees in all geographic areas and is an attractive investment with some of the lowest franchise fees and ongoing royalties in the industry. These, among other benefits, resulted in Anytime Fitness being declared the #1 2015 America’s Top Global Franchise and #2 on the 2015 Franchise 500.

E2 Visa Opportunities

When it comes to securing an E2 visa you need a sound business to invest in that will provide long-term security for you and your family. Buying into a business with a proven successful business model puts you in a great position to securing your E2 visa.

Gym’s by nature require a handful of staff to run it in shifts and thus this job-creation is a key qualifying requirement for a successful visa application.

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Investment Requirements

One of the great qualities of Anytime Fitness is the scalability of the business. In other words you can start small and grow big.

There are two models to choose from for the potential franchisee:

  1. Anytime Fitness $84,700 – $417,900 Depending on Size and Location
  2. Anytime Fitness Express – $62,900 – $279,300 Depending on Size and Location

Anytime Fitness Express offers a reduced entry cost with its smaller size and less expansive amenities.

Both Anytime Fitness and Anytime Fitness Express are excellent avenues for the E2 Visa Investor. So if you have a budget of over $100,000 you’ll have wide selection of options to choose from.

Net Worth Requirements

Many franchisors are very motivated to ensure that all of their investors and new owners are successful in their new business, as failure will obviously reflect badly on the franchise brand. Therefore, franchisors will want to be assured that new investors have some Net Worth. Net worth is basically the value of your assets minus the amount of your debts.

For Anytime Fitness you will need to show a Net worth of $250,000.

Liquidity Requirements

Because great franchises know that in business you may access to some additional funds on hand as backup to your business they have a Liquidity Requirement, which basically means how much cash will you have left on hand available to the business should it ever be required.

For Anytime Fitness you will need to have $70,000 – $100,000 cash on hand. A line of credit may be sufficient to meet this requirement.

Remember, as a new arrival to the US under an E2 visa you may not have immediate access to lines of credit so you will need to consider this in your overall investment budget.

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Training Requirements

Anytime Fitness provides new owners with a 7-day course at Minnesota corporate offices where you will be taught the basics skills in running your own business. Often times new franchise owners will be encouraged to talked to other Anytime Fitness owners as most franchises are highly networked.


Unlike a large number of franchise opportunities, Anytime Fitness has no restriction on absentee owners, meaning the E2 Investor need not work daily (or at all) in the business. Additionally, the business model of 24-hour secured access allows the Investor to determine and control their staffing needs, ideal for the E2 Investor and the job-creation requirements. There is also assistance provided by the Franchisor for selecting a viable market and real estate, as well as negotiations for the leases as well.

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Franchise Fee / Royalty

All franchise owners have to pay a small royalty or commission on the business they generate using the franchise name and business model. In many cases, but not all the three franchise fees: –

  1. An Initial Franchise Fee to become a franchise owner
  2. A royalty based on a percentage of the monthly gross of the business
  3. A franchise fee for any advertising and corporate promotions

Anytime Fitness has one of the very best royalty obligations

Anytime’s Initial Franchise & Development fee will range form $15,000 – $35,000 depending on what size of franchise you decide to choose.

Once you own your own Anytime fitness gym there is no royalty based on a percentage of your revenues. Instead, Anytime fitness will charge you a flat rate $549 monthly royalty fee.

Finding Your Location

As your E2 visa immigration lawyers we’d be delighted to work with you and get you connected with the best person within Anytime Fitness to help you source your location. Give us a call and we can get the ball rolling.

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Free Consultation

We offer free initial consultations to anyone looking for an E2 visa and a matching business. Our goal is to provide all of our clients with the very best advice and support possible so do not hesitate to call for your consultation.



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