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EB1 – Bharath – Payments and Commerce Architect – India

EB1 - Bharath - Engineer - India

EB1 – Bharath – Payments and Commerce Architect – India

No Second Thoughts for Payments and Commerce Architect BK – Working with top tier firms in a variety of industries has always been a personal goal for Bharath. He always aimed for the very best and when he decided to move to the USA, he took steps to ensure his future and that of his family’s was secure. Working with the Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram, Bharath had an entire team rooting for his success, and when he faced setbacks, they answered the call and guided him through his immigration journey.

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Tell me about where you are from and a little bit about what you do?

My native place is Chennai, which is the 4th largest metro city in India. After graduating in engineering in India, I migrated to the USA for work. As a hands on technologist, I had an opportunity to work with several industry areas like banking, financial services and insurance for some of the top tier firms. Over time, with experience, I was able to acquire critical roles (primarily within engineering and architecture domains) with large firms. In the last few years, I have been focused on building expertise around payments & commerce architecture and building modern & secure platforms using Digital modernization (AI & Cloud). On the education front, I received my Master’s in Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in 2009-2010 through the executive education program.

Why do you want to live in America? What’s so special about America?

As they say, live your dream in America. To me, this is a land of vast opportunities and I always wanted to tap into that. Living and working in the NYC metropolitan area, there are no second thoughts about other market choices. Coming to America exceeded my personal goals. I always wanted both my sons (they both are teens now) to graduate and make a living here, given the range of opportunities that are offered here. In my personal opinion, this land is the default choice for ‘A +‘ grade entrepreneurs, experienced professionals and students.

What was your visa choice and how did you come to that decision?

My visa choice was EB1 – Extraordinary ability. After many years in H1B and having to catch up on priority dates, I realized that the waiting game (over 12 to 15 years) limited one’s career growth, travel options and can impact not just the individual but also their child’s future (if they are not born here). There are few options to get around this problem, but in 2018-2019, I received a flyer from Chris Ingram’s team which busted the myth that EB1-A Extraordinary ability was reserved only for research scholars, and Oscar award nominees. I learned that those with STEM experience & qualified professionals with similar skills and backgrounds had success as well. However, it motivated and reinforced my belief to consider the EB1A option.
Engineer BK celebrates his EB1 Success

Engineer BK celebrates his EB1 Success

How would you describe your experience in working with us?

When I look back, the journey with Chris Ingram’s team was rewarding to say the least. Over time (close to 3 years, including refiling), I had the pleasure of working closely with multiple case workers during this period. It was never surprising to get regular weekly updates, case status reports, pending items, and advice about our future steps from the Ingram team which kept me on my toes. I also received extended support from the team, which included both ad hoc meetings with at least a day’s notice, and scheduled meetings with case workers to address my query, in addition to my email exchange with the team working on my case. On my re-filing, I was 100% confident that this time I would be lucky and would get approved, given the quality work that we had done to capture the evidence, and build a strong case.

What were some of the evidence challenges you had to work on in the preparation of your case?

One of the major challenges was collecting all the necessary evidence, for all the categories and for the final merits, to solidify the case and creating a winning document. To start with, it felt like climbing uphill to meet different category requirements. As I started working on my case with the team assigned to me, we tackled one category at a time. This involved capturing evidence and finding and addressing any gaps.

During this year, I switched jobs and lost one to two critical awards that I was recognized for with my previous employment. My journey was not straight forward like other testimonials that I see with EB1A clients. I was denied on the first filing, 2020-2021, approved on 2 categories, but an RFE was raised on the third, but finally got denied. I was frustrated to say the least, and was low on confidence to file again. I was fortunate to work with case worker, Andrea Morales, and attorney Camille. We discussed areas where I could recoup and do better next time. I was guided with clear directions. I again worked for six months to collect all new evidence to file my case. I was lucky this time. My special thanks goes out to my case worker Andrea and attorney Camille for taking me to the finish line.

What were you doing when you found out you were approved? What was your immediate reaction? How did/will you celebrate?

It was early morning 8 AM when I received the approval email (EB1A). I was about to start work. I was speechless for a moment, I rushed to my wife to share this news, which I later shared with my two sons. Getting a green card through EB1A was a dream, and to finally see this come true was an amazing experience. We went for a lavish dinner, and later celebrated with a long drive on the road.

Would you recommend your family and friends and why?

To me, many of my peers and co-workers are in the EB2 category, waiting for their priority dates to be concurrent. EB1A self-filing is a blessing for many, if an individual is ready to put extra effort and work with specialists and attorneys. To me, self belief and hard work matters, along with the element of luck. In my opinion, if you are with the Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram, you are in safe hands as they have the expert knowledge and skilled workforce to win the case! I would definitely recommend The Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram to my friends and co-workers to benefit from!

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