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EB1- Mark – Business Coach – UK

EB1- Business Professional - Griffiths

EB1- Business Coach – UK

Mark is a nationally and internationally acclaimed Business Professional with exceptional corporate credentials in sales, training, ELearning and recruitment, having worked for a range of companies including Randstad – the largest staffing organization in the world.

Mark has a high-value career that is highly critical to the success of the Education and Training industry and the U.S. economy. With his impressive career and the help of our firm, we are pleased to help him secure an EB1 Green Card!

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Tell me about where you are from and a little bit about what you do.

I am originally from a small town in the North of England called Chorley which is situated near Manchester. Me and my family now live in Orlando, Florida, we have been here for yearsand LOVE IT! I own a Training and Development business where we partner with organizations to provide eLearning development, instructional design, consultancy, leadership & management seminars, coaching, personality assessments and keynote addresses.

Griffiths in a leadership and management seminar

How did you work your way up the ranks to reach your level and what were some of the challenges along the way.

I have worked in the IT, Education and Training industry for over 20 years gaining significant experience with a range of very notable global organizations along the way in a range of positions. I have constantly challenged myself to seek out new opportunities and become involved in projects which ultimately allow people and organizations to be the very best they can be. Each day, each project, each client has its own set of challenges but that is what makes me feel fresh, alert and motivatedI embrace new challenges and naturally have a can do/glass half full approach which has been an important factor both for my own career development and in securing the EB-1 Visa.

Have you ever lived in the US before? If so, under what circumstances? If not, what aroused your interest in a move to the US?

We originally moved here on an E2 Visa and then adjusted to an EB-1. Prior to that, we visited the USA a lot on vacationalso me and my wife, who is also originally from the UK actually got married. It was around that time that we made it our objective to make the move here permanently.

How did you decide to pursue an EB1?

Although an E2 Visa is a great option for some people to move to the USA and certainly allowed us to initially transition to Orlando, we quickly found that we wanted to make this our home and although there are a lot of benefits with this Visathe need to regularly renew and the amount of uncertainty that we experienced meant we needed to explore a permanent solution which is when Chris and his team suggested the EB-1 option.

Griffiths in an interview for leadership and management

What was your experience with the EB1 petition process?

Wow, where should I start! To be clear and not scare people offthere is a clear process to followhowever immigration reforms and COVID-19 meant that unfortunately we were caught in the middle of a storm! However, the benefit of working with Chris and his highly experienced team meant that whatever curve ball was thrown our way, they had a strategy to overcome it. I promise you, their experience is key, particularly at the most challenging of times in making it to a successful conclusion!

What were some of the challenges you had to work on in the preparation of your case, for example evidence gathering?

After identifying the different categories that we were going to focus on to put the EB-1 case together, it was down to me to reach out to different organizations, membership groups, individuals, publications, past clients etc. to pull together the evidence required. This obviously has a number of challenges, some past contacts have moved on, some people have an autoreply to say they are on vacation or long-term sick, some people just don’t get back! Therefore, having good organizational skills was very important here to make sure we could obtain the necessary information for the application in a timely fashion.

What kind of relationship did/do you have Chris and his team?

Chris and his team are very professional but also have that genuine desire to help and understand and empathize with your situation. Their communication was clear and direct, and the case worker assigned to work with you is highly experienced – this gives you the confidence you are in safe hands! In addition, the online portal that documents your case progress is very helpful in being a 1stop shop for everything related to your EB-1 Visa petition.

Griffiths with the Association for Talent Development

What were you doing when you found out you were approved? What was your immediate reaction? How did/will you celebrate?

I guess there are two experiences, the approval of the EB-1and then the approval of the actual permanent residencyor Green Card as it is a 2-step process. When my EB-1 was approved, I was actually working in the office when my cell phone began to buzz. The number that came up on screen was from the West Coastmy stomach started churning as I knew we were expecting an update that week. I picked up the call and there was a team from Chriss office on loudspeaker who informed me that my case had been approvedwithout an RFE which they said was a huge achievement. It was such a relief! I drove straight home and told my wifewe were all so emotional! In securing permanent status, I was again working in the office when my wife FaceTimed meshe rarely FaceTimes so I thought that was unusual. When the video call connected her camera was pointing at the kitchen worktop at home and it had 3 letters that had just arrived from USCIS on screen. Once again, I rushed to the car and drove homeit was the longest 15-minute drive ever! I was wondering if it could be the Green Cards. Anyway, I arrived home and we each opened our letter and there they were! It was just such a GREAT feeling!

What are you looking forward to most about moving to the US?

Having lived here, there is already so much that we have experiencedhowever I can honestly say, there is not one day goes by that I don’t fully appreciate where we live, the opportunities available to usI am so grateful every single day. The outdoor living, the water sports, grilling and eating outdoors, the 360 days of sunshine per year, the positive culture, the local community we live in, the attractions and theme parks, the business opportunities, the platform it has provided my family, my daughters softball teamthe list goes on and on!

What will you miss the most about your home country?

To be completely transparent, I now consider the USA my home country. I love it here, my family love it here, it is the right fit for us. So although there are obviously family members who we such as FaceTime, Social Media and Zoom bridges that gap sufficiently so that it is not really a problemand trust meliving in Orlando, Florida with all the attractions and sunshine means it does take much for people to want and come and visit us here!

What advice would you give to any immigrant considering an EB1 or who is already in the process?

From our experience, you will need 3 key attributes to succeed: 1) Determination, I would love to say it is an easy process, but there will be plenty of bumps along the way! When times get tough you will need to have the correct mindset to pick yourself up and keep going 2) Patience, the process can be quite lengthy so understanding from the start that there is evidence to collect, there are forms to complete, there is a review process, you will need to respectfully chase people to help you present your case in the best possible lightthese are just some examples of why you may need to commit to a longer timeframe than you would choose and finally 3) A clear roadmap. Begin with the end in mind, consider where you want to be, what you want to be doing and work backwards to create (as best you can) a process that will guide you to a successful conclusion. Chris and his team can help you do that I wish you all the very best of luck and thank you Chris and his team for what you have done for us!

In order to qualify for an EB1 Green Card you need to be able to satisfy three from a list of ten categories. We’ve provided informative videos on each category for your kind perusal so please review them and get back to us if you feel we can help you.

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Checkout these EB1 green card categories below. If you can satisfy three categories, then you may just qualify for your green card. Good luck.

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