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EB1 Law Review AAO – December 23 2011 – Lesser Prizes or Awards: Certifications and Company Recognition of Service

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Lesser National or Internartionally Prizes or Awards: 
Certifications / Company Recognition of Service

In our pursuit of EB1 Green Card and O1 Visa legal excellence we are systematically reviewing every Administrative Appeal Office decision that has been appealed. These cases are not our cases but any and all cases that have been appealed nationally. In continuously reviewing these decisions and learning from them we will continue to be the recognized leaders in EB1 Green Card and O1 Visa legal field as we continue preparing successful cases for aliens of extraordinary ability. 


AAO Decision December, 23 2011 – 


Source Case



In this case the Petitioner submitted two Certificates of Excellence for the completion of the requirements for certification as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Microsoft Certified Systems Administration. She also submitted a certificate of recognition for 10 years of service to the state of Illinois.

AAO Discussion

The AAO stated that the two certificates of excellence are professional certificates earned by completing training courses and therefore were not prizes for excellence in the field of endeavor.

Additionally, the AAO discussed the certificate for 10 years of service as a recognition of length of service of the Petitioner rather than an nationally or internationally recognized prize for excellence in the field.


For 8 C.F.R section 204.5(h)(3)(i) documentation is required to show that the award is nationally or internationally recognized. The certificates presented by the Petitioner were not based on her achievement of excellence, but rather recognitions of training and length of service.

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