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EB1 – Poornima – Digital Specialist – India

EB1 - Poornima - Digital Specialist - India

EB1 – Poornima – Digital Accessibility Specialist – India

Digital Accessibility Specialist: As our reliance on the internet continues to grow, there comes a need to ensure our platforms are accessible to everyone. That’s where Poornima comes in. Her role as a Digital Accessibility Specialist ensures that digital content is ADA friendly and accessible to as many people as possible. Read more to find out about her EB1 Journey!

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Tell me about where you are from and a little bit about what you do?

My native place is Madurai, a southern region town in India. By profession, I am a Digital accessibility specialist and subject matter expert. I have 12+ years experience working for various industry clients and organizations. My role focuses on implementing digital accessibility standards for the digital assets including websites, mobile apps, documents to make it accessible for everyone including people with disabilities and ensuring the digital content is in accordance with ADA compliance standards.

Why do you want to live in America? What’s so special about America?

We moved from India to America in 2012. Before moving to America, my spouse and I had been to other parts of the world for short term company ventures.  America proved that it is a land of opportunities for skilled people. We love the places, infrastructure, opportunities, and the finest lifestyle it has to offer. This made us consider staying longer than expected to the point of settling here in America. I also personally like the fact that the diverse culture and heritage are valued to a great extent.

What was your visa choice and how did you come to that decision?

I had chosen EB1- Extraordinary ability visa. Like many others, my experience was related to IT industry. However, I had a strong feeling that my role was unique in the digital space since my work involves designing and developing inclusive digital assets that are accessible for everyone. I was looking for an attorney who could help me find out the eligibility for my competencies towards the EB1 visa category. Fortunately, I found The Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram online and started with a short consultation which gave me satisfying feedback and confidence to proceed further with my application.

How would you describe your experience in working with us?

Excellent! The attorneys and case workers I worked with had shown great professionalism with their winning and worthy advice on each and every category of EB1, prompt feedbacks on each of my milestones, and transparency in sharing the current trends and what can be expected. I am thankful to all my case workers including Samuel, Adriana, Sabrina, and Judith for carefully and thoroughly reviewing and offering feedback to make my application stronger to satisfy the categories.

What were some of the evidence challenges you had to work on in the preparation of your case?

I would say my career space and some of the undertakings throughout my career helped a little to start with my application. However, it took around 1.5 years of my immigration journey to work on achieving each and every milestone. The efforts I took throughout these years were valuable and at the same time tiresome with sleepless nights to make sure that I focused on working for the categories along with my office and home routines. There were challenges in gathering documents almost for all the categories and for final merits as well, if I can point out couple of them, it would be articles publishing and invited membership.

Digital Accessibility specialist gets an EB1 Approval

Digital Accessibility specialist gets an EB1 Approval

 What were you doing when you found out you were approved? What was your immediate reaction? How did/will you celebrate?

I was in India for a short trip at that time. It came as a pleasing shock to me to see an email from USCIS that my case was approved. I immediately called my spouse to share this and was overjoyed to see that all my effort and my belief that dreams do come true had paid off. I believe my next stage of my application process will go smoothly under the guidance of my caseworkers so we can get our green card sooner and peacefully settle in America.

 Would you recommend your family and friends and why?

I will absolutely recommend The Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram to my family and friends for their professionalism, diligence, and extended support throughout the process.

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