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EB1 Success – Engineers in Silicon Valley

Software Engineer Sridhar - EB1 Green Card Success

Rudra – EB1 Green Card Success

Eb1 for Software Engineers – Success!

Rudra, an engineer from India was able to obtain sponsorship for his EB2 Green Card through his US employers. Unfortunately, for the EB2 class of Green Card the wait time for Indian nationals is approximately 8 years. After doing some extensive research online Rudra discovered our website and our video presentation series on the  EB1 Green Card.

With the EB1 Green card there is no wait time, but you have to establish that, in your particular field, you are currently working at the very top of the profession, by satisfying at least three EB1 categories from a list of ten. We consulted with Rudra and found that he could indeed satisfy three of the qualifying categories and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Rudra made substantial contributions to both the academics of engineering and to the industry itself during the course of his career. Through leading cross functional teams and creating new technologies, Rudra was able to satisfy his customers needs which propelled them to make concrete investment decisions.

For someone who had done so much for the industry and was continuing to pave the way for further investment and improvements, our specialists knew that Rudra was a solid EB1 candidate who satisfied multiple EB1 Categories at the outset.

Advanced Expertise in Digital Sound

Advanced Expertise in Digital Sound

An American Dream

Rudra knew that in order truly make a difference and be involved in cutting edge advancements in the digital sound industry, he needed to work in Silicon Valley, California. Thus, after receiving his Masters of Science (M.S.) in Philadelphia, Rudra set his sights on the Silicon Valley.

“As a technical guy, I dreamt of being apart of silicon valley and contributing to both academia and industry,” Rudra said.

However, after spending 7 years in the valley, Rudra couldn’t see a clear path to staying the in the United States with permanent status, so he began looking into immigration laws and immigration lawyers.

“Like other fellow engineers, I had been waiting in the EB2 queue only to realize that the queue is becoming longer and the priority dates are retrogressing faster,” Rudra recalled.

Rudra’s tireless research lead him to the Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram. Rudra noted that “they could highlight my achievements in a way I couldn’t think of before.”  With the right strategy in hand, and Rudra’s excellent resume, attaining an EB1 Approval was in the cards.

Rudra’s EB1 Application 

Bluetooth Headset that Sridhar Worked On

Bluetooth Headset Ssing Rudra’s Technology

In order to qualify for an EB1 Green Card, you must satisfy three of the ten categories that are enumerated by US Immigration. After examining Rudra’s many achievements and accolades, we settled on utilizing the following categories: contribution of major significance, leading or critical role, and high salary.

In order to show Contribution of Major Significance, Rudra provided extensive evidence detailing his record of developing algorithmic software packages. This was evident through the letters he obtained from senior members of the company he worked for. Much of the technology developed by Rudra was outlined in the six patents attributed to him, and this technology was being used in state-of-the-art bluetooth devices.

Leading or Critical Role consists of being extremely crucial to the success of an organization that has a distinguished reputation. Evidence of this can take many forms including letters from senior supervisors, or individuals from within the company who can attest to the critical role that you played. Rudra received multiple letters from officials within the organization, each providing specific detail of Rudra’s role and the essential contributions he made. What really furthered his evidence was proof of awards, as well as monetary bonuses, he received due his achievements.

Ditech Platform

Ditech Platform

As an Algorithms Architect who had received high praise from his superiors, Rudra was also able to show that he had a High Salary in relation to others in the field.   This was evident through comparing his total salary to that of the top professionals in his field.

While every case is different, if you see any similarities to your position as Rudra, begin gathering the appropriate evidence and then contact our offices. We will guide you through the EB1 application and point you in the right direction.

Permanent Status in the US with a Pathway to Citizenship

After studying, working, and living in the United States for 7 years, Rudra can now call the United States his home. For many clients, the day they receive notice of their EB1 Green Card Approval is a memorable event, and for Rudra that is no different.

We Can Help You Attain an EB1 Green Card

We Can Help You Attain an EB1 Green Card

“I was at work when a text message came on my phone notifying that there was an update on my case. I checked my email and found that my case is approved. I immediately called my wife who was in a meeting at work. I asked her to come out and broke the news,” Rudra said. “We both were excited to know our hard work paid off. Minutes later, I received a call from Lindsey congratulating me. My wife and I took the rest of the day off to celebrate.”

Rudra remains in Silicon Valley where he is able to develop the latest in technological advancements – achieving a dream he has held since he was a student.

If you have similar accomplishments and are weary of waiting in the extended line for the EB2 Visa, contact our offices and we an determine if the EB1 Application is right for you.

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