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EB1 – Emma, Oil and Gas Engineer

My name is Emma. I am originally from the North East of England, the product of a Yorkshire dad and an Irish mum. Since I graduated from University in 1999, I’ve been employed by an oil major and have worked all over the world, including stints in Brussels and most recently Houston, TX……I love my job and the variety of people I get to work with from all over the world.  

My most recent stint as an expat was in Houston, TX and I’ve been here since 2008…..I absolutely love it. The lifestyle and weather are wonderful, the opportunities are endless in my area of work, the people are friendly, my friends are great and I volunteer with a dog rescue organization. I bought a house, adopted a dog and decided that after 10 years of moving around, this was where I wanted to put down my roots.

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I was stuck, I was on an L-1A visa, with only around 12 months left. My company doesn’t sponsor green cards for employees and were about ready to ship me off to another assignment in Asia……initially I tried to find an employer to sponsor a visa or green card for me, but at such short notice with the tight timeline I was on that was impossible.

EB1 Green Card Success Story - Emma, Oil and Gas Engineer at the Cutting Edge of Energy Exploration

I retained Chris and the team on April 29th and on June 22nd, I had an email from US Immigration telling me that my I-140 petition had been approved. The work permit & travel authorization came shortly after and we expect the actual green card in the next couple of months – which is truly amazing !

I started looking at options for how I could stay in the USA and work and live here, I wanted someone who would understand the situation that I was in and that was how I found Chris….as a fellow Brit who had been through almost exactly the same experience as me, I felt comfortable that Chris & the team understood my situation.

I was amazed when his office told me that I could qualify for an EB1 Alien of Extraordinary Ability green card and that we could do it in a matter of a couple of months ! I felt that I was in good hands and trusted Chris and his team from the start.

I ended up applying for the EB1A Extraordinary Ability Green Card, this was the fastest route to a green card for me and with a national award that I had won early in my career and the work experience I had built up, we felt that I could qualify……I wanted to go for the Green Card as I wanted to be able to work for any employer I chose and knew that already owning a house and having my roots here this was where I wanted to be. Applying this way also meant we could go for premium processing and get a response in (a very very nerve wracking) 15 days.

I retained Chris and the team on April 29th and on June 22nd, I had an email from US Immigration telling me that my I-140 petition had been approved. The work permit & travel authorization came shortly after and we expect the actual green card in the next couple of months – which is truly amazing !

There was a bump with the I140 application, we had a very difficult Request for Further Evidence from US Immigration, but Chris and his team strategized with me how to best resolve this given the tight timeline and they were amazing, I was ready to give up a couple of times and they kept me going every step of the way ! I can still remember that they were every bit as excited as me when the approval came through !

The relationship with Chris  and his team: They completely understood my situation and moved heaven and earth to help me, but at the same time, they were completely honest and realistic with me about the things that could happen and were and were not possible. They feel like my family now and I will be eternally grateful for what they did for me !

I was sitting on the sofa on a Friday night having given up hearing anything until the following week when Celeste from Chris’ office called – it felt amazing – just amazing ! I had also received another job offer that morning and I knew that I was going to be able to stay in the USA and make everything work. I can’t describe the relief and excitement !

I love the weather, the space, the friendliness of the people, the opportunities……

I miss Fish & Chips most of all – you can’t get anything like it here at all. Everything else, Cheese & Onion crisps, digestive biscuits and bacon you can get at the English stores 🙂 The first thing I do every time I go home is go eat Fish & Chips with my parents !

Explore your options and do your research. I had no idea about the different kinds of visas that were out there. Work with a good immigration attorney who understands….immigration is a minefield and you need someone like Chris who is able to navigate through it for you….

Don’t give up….ever….even when it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, keep going !

My friends threw me a party when my approval came through, they were so impressed that they had a friend with “extraordinary abilities”, they wanted to know if it came with a cape and superpowers !

In order to qualify for an EB1 Green Card you need to be able to satisfy three from a list of ten categories. We’ve provided informative videos on each category for your kind perusal so please review them and get back to us if you feel we can help you.

Select Your 3 EB1 Categories

Checkout these EB1 green card categories below. If you can satisfy three categories, then you may just qualify for your green card. Good luck.


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