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    From time to time we like to post articles about the types of entertainment clients we handle. Perhaps there was something of interest about their case or maybe something interesting about what they are currently doing.  Perhaps they are working on a film project that our readers would be interested reading about. The whole idea is to bring to life the reality of what we do here; enabling people to pursue their careers in the US and take their careers to the next level.

    Another benefit of writing these articles is to inspire our readership into action. Perhaps you’re an actor, musician or technician within the entertainment industry and would just like to read about someone in your field now working in the US.

    Over the next few months we shall be adding new stories to this section, so please add this website to your favorites.  Also you can sign up for our newsletter and get the latest stories that way. We’d love to hear from you at any time with your thoughts.

    You never know, maybe one day we’ll be writing a story about you and your American dream.

    Articles List:-

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