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We are currently working on a number of family related articles to post on this site. The idea here is that many of these articles will speak to the issues and concerns of any family looking to relocate to the US by way of sponsorship.  We work with many families who are sponsoring their family members. To be honest most, but not all, relate to the sponsoring of grand-parents.  When a family with children relocates to the US, it’s quite a wrench for the grand-children to be separated from their grand-parents. I guess you don’t take it fully on board yourself at the time, but the children do – quietly.  When my wife and I relocated from the UK to California we brought with us three children aged 12, 10 and 5.  Once we’d settled we definitely made sure that at least one of the grand-parents spent time with them here for long extended periods. You should have seen how this helped our children.

If you’re an American citizen and you would like to reunite your children with their grand-parents I can think of nothing better. Grand-parents help to ground grand-kids. It’s that simple. While parents are in a hurry working and making sure all the bills are paid, grand-parents no longer have that concern so their focus turns to their grand-children.

As soon as possible we will post some stories for your kind perusal. We look forward to you contacting us so we can help you too.

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