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Aileen’s Story – Sponsored by Sibling

I remember when we were getting ready to emigrate, I was awash with emotions. I was going to be leaving my job, my home, my family and friends to make a new life in a new country and knowing only my husband’s family there (whom I had met only a few times before whilst on vacation in California). On top of everything I was leaving knowing my Dad’s health diagnosis wasn’t great and didn’t know how much time he had left. We packed the essentials after selling all the bulky items at a local boot fair then made our way to my parent’s house where I had just a couple of days to say my goodbyes. The night before our departure and after checking for the seventh time that I had all the relevant documents packed, I walked up and down my parent’s garden and took in the sights, sounds and aroma’s of the moment. The sound of the cuckoo somewhere in the trees, the evening sky and the smell of mint as I passed the marrows that Dad insisted on growing every year knowing full well that half of them would spoil due to the lack of takers. I ended up sitting on the swing chair wondering if I was being selfish. I could see my family getting on with preparing supper through the kitchen window totally unaware of the guilt I was feeling, knowing just how hard it would be for me to say goodbye and if indeed I could at least compose myself until I was in the cab and pulling away from the house.

Morning came. It was greeted with an amazing sunrise. The birds were up chirping their song and as I walked downstairs I over heard my Dad telling my Mum to pull herself together. He was her rock and my husband and kids were mine. The moment was broken by excited footsteps quickly approaching from the rear. It was our youngest. To him, we were going on an adventure. As long as he was with Mum and Dad, life was going to be fine. Our daughter on the other hand was still very upset as she was leaving behind her boyfriend. In her eyes, we couldn’t have been worse parents if we tried! We had time for a cuppa and a slice of toast before we heard the cab pull up outside and toot his horn. The guys loaded up the car and before I knew it that moment had arrived.

Because we had to load the kids in the car before us they said their goodbyes first. My husband then gave Mum a hug and shook Dad’s hand then there was only me to go. I kept saying to myself “This isn’t goodbye, this isn’t goodbye…” It must have been obvious to my Dad that I was struggling with this moment. He told my Mum not to hold the cab up, that they would come out to visit once we were settled. “That’s right Mum, you’ll love it. We’ll go to Vegas and do some of the theme parks, and Dad, you can fly over the Grand Canyon at sunset.” I hugged them both, gave them a kiss and hopped in the car. “Let’s go then shall we?” I said, hoping for a quick get-a-way before the flood of tears started. From that point I never looked back.

That was seven years ago. Since then we have bought a house up in the mountains. I’ve gone from selling for Corporate America (within the Six Flags Corporation) to now helping others like me who desperately want to make a new life for themselves here in the States. We’ve been to Vegas several times; camped in the desert and jet-skied on lakes. My Dad did make that sunset trip to the Grand Canyon and told me he had never seen me happier – it was as if I was born to live here. I’m glad I got his blessing – I needed it. I talk to friends and family through “Skype” and have been back to the UK twice. Was it all worth it? Most definitely.

The beauty of my job is that I get to experience that same excitement over and over again. In fact, every time we get our clients approved! Whether we have been able to reunite husband with wife through a K3 visa or an investor on an E2 visa or even a student on an F1 visa, there’s nothing that beats the moment when we open that envelope to find yet another approval sitting there. Usually one of the paralegal team members gets to notify the client (s), but they know to hold the phone away from their ears for a few seconds once they break the news to them!

So if you are unsure whether you should stay in the UK (or wherever you are) or start a new life here in the USA, only one person can help you make your mind up and that person is of course you. If you’re not sure as to which path to take but know you are extremely excited about the prospects of a new life here then we can help you. Through a free consultation we will establish your current situation to see where we can be of help. We will guide you through the entire process from start to finish. To know that half of our team have gone through immigration personally should put your mind at ease. Our goal is and always will be this – guiding others through the immigration maze and realizing that there is always a way and if one door closes we will find you another opening.

We are looking forward to receiving your completed questionnaire. We will then schedule your free telephone appointment. Don’t make this hard on yourself by researching website after website – you’ve found us now, we are here for you.

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