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The E2 Treaty Investor Visa is a great option for individuals looking to immigrate to the United States. The E2 Visa allows foreign nationals from treaty countries to come to the United States to invest in an American business. Often this consists of buying an existing business, or even starting their own. The E2 visa is beneficial for both the United States and the visa holder because it actively promotes foreign investment, while giving the foreign investor an opportunity to reside in the United States.  For many, the task of finding a business in the United States is a complex process. Fortunately, we have developed a unique business service that can help you find a business and an E2 visa.

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Would You Like Help Finding A Business?

Because of our years of experience in this field we have seen our E2 Clients engage in the lengthy process of finding a suitable business. Due to international time zone differences, it can be difficult to make a connection with a business broker. Help is at hand.

Business Finder Services

We wanted to find a way to help our clients find businesses faster, so we created a sister company called E2 Visa Business Services LLC. This company not only helps investors find  suitable E2 visa businesses quickly, but also provides an E-2 visa business plans service and provide incorporation services – all under one roof. This is a level of total service that  most US immigration lawyers simply do not provide to their clients.

office-730681_960_720With  E-2 Business Finder Services you simply need to outline the type of business you are looking for which allows us to do all of the legwork of finding a suitable match. The Business Find Service also allows us to facilitate the communication between our clients and brokers, securing non-disclosure agreements and other documents This allows us to further guide you through the E2 process by ensuring the selected business meets all of the requirements of the E2 Visa.

Franchise Gallery

We also recognized that our clients spend a lot of time researching the most profitable and/or sustainable businesses in which to invest. Our team has created an online collection of popular franchise-based businesses to give you an idea as to how they compare and what the relative costs might be to buy one. We call it our Franchise Gallery. Please feel free to check it out for ideas. Many of our clients have purchased franchises as this allows them to capitalize on the Franchise’s name recognition leading to the success of their E-2 Visa. We hope that the Franchise Gallery will inspire you to take the plunge and call us.

Ready to Begin the E2 Visa Process? Lets Get Started! 

Our team of specialists are ready to work with you and help you navigate the the E2 Treaty Visa process. You can call our offices today or submit an online inquiry form. We look forward to hearing from you soon so we can make your American Dream a reality.

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