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Graduate Employment Visa Approvals

H-1B, EB2, EB3 Graduate and Skilled Professional US Immigration Visas

H-1B, EB2, EB3 Graduate and Skilled Professional US Immigration Visas

I have to say that there is simply no better feeling in our office than when we get the mail for the day and we have a letter from US Immigration USCIS telling us one of our cases have been approved. It really is cause for celebration in the office, if just for that brief moment before we get back to work, we do some celebrating because another client’s case has been won.  For that individual, couple or family it will a major life changing event is about to happen. Their American Dream is about to come true.

I wish I could guarantee that every case we filed was automatically approved, it’s just not so. Every case we take on is prepared carefully with the client often going back and forth for months trying to get everything just right.  Our goal is to do our very best for every client because the stakes of ultimately winning the case are so high. At the end of the day US Immigration Officers make the final decision so we do our very best to impress them with professionally prepared comprehensive application packs with all the right documentary evidence to back it up. In fact our philosophy is that we’d rather be over prepared than under prepared.

We win the vast majority of our cases week in, week in out, but some we don’t for reasons beyond our control. When this happens we look to see if we can appeal the case or file an alternative case. We never just let a client’s American Dream go, we’re committed to the cause.

We also want clients to understand that just because they have hired us as their attorney, winning their case is a done deal. Hiring us, although a great start is just the beginning of the journey there is a lot of work ahead for the firm and the client.

To give you some inspiration I’ve uploaded some Approvals of some of our past wins. We’ve deleted the client’s personal information, but you will be able to clearly see what an approval looks like as you’ve probably never seen one before. We’ve also taken the liberty of dressing up our approvals with perhaps the client’s photo, with their permission of course, and maybe dressed up the visa approval image in keeping with the rest of our site, but every approval featured is 100% genuine.

Visa Approvals
EB1 Visa Approval  – Samantha
H-1B Visa Approval – Ian
H-1B  Visa Approval  – Brigitte

Graduate Employment
H-1B Graduate Visa
EB1 Green Card For Highly Successful Graduates
EB2  Green Card Guide for MA/MSC/PHD
EB3  Green Card Guide for BA and Skilled Workers
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