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H-1B Visas for 2009/10 Remain Available Much Longer Than Anticipated

The H-1B Visa is a graduate level visa for all aliens to come over to take up a job where the minimum entry requirement to so that job is a BA Degree or some one having 12 years progressive work experience leading to graduate level role.  Each April 1st 65,000 H-1B graduates would be released and in years passed all 65,000 would have been taken within weeks or even days of release.  This year (as at July 2009) the number of available H-1B visa still available runs into thousands.

The main reason for the extended availability of the H-1B visa is almost entirely due to the economy. As companies have down sized or just about held their own their ability to employ aliens in large numbers has been impacted. Nevertheless, this has created quite an opportunity for many aliens. For example, many employers and aliens have been turned off even trying for the H-1b visa simply because in recent years passed it had becomd a total lottery because in 2007 all 65,000 H-1B visas we allocated on the very first day of release. So if you found a job April 2nd there were no visas available. worse still if even if you found a job in January and then prepared your paperwork to file it April 1st, in 2007 you only stood a one in three chance of your case even been selected for review. In 2008 all the H-1Bs were gone in five days, but 2009 has been completely different.

The revival of the H-1B is at hand. It’s quite possible that there will be H-1B visas available for many months to come so it’s just a question of being motivated to securing that job as quickly as possible.  How do you secure a job. Well quite frankly you’ve got to come over to America for an extended holiday and look by getting in peoples faces. Too many aliens stay in their own country and join the various job search engines that are out there, when they should be here pounding the pavment. Why would an employer even consider hiring an alien when there may be other Americans equally talented competing for the same job.  In order to stand out from the crowd the employer has got to be able to look you in the eyes and you’ve simply got to wow them into choosing you.

The second element is for you to assure the employer that you will cover all the legal expenses related to US Immigration. Why? because in this current job market you have to go above and beyond to make it easier for the employer to say yes, not harder. If the employer thinks it’s going to cost him an arm and leg in legal fees just to get you here to start work then again, why should he/she.

The only aliens who can call the shots are aliens with a rare and unique talent where there is great demand and a shortage of qualified people in that market. if you fit that market then you should be able to be head hunted.

We’re living in some exciting times as President Obama seeks to introduce legislation this year to comprehensively reform Immigration. There are many calls to increase the number of H-1B visa to a higher number or remove the cap altogether. We do not yet know whether this proposal and others will come into law. In the meantime, get pro-active. If you really want to make America your home, as the saying goes you’ve got to leap and the net will appear.  Are you ready?

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