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Did You Know You Might Qualify for an Immediate National Interest Waiver (NIW) Green Card or EB1 Green Card Status?

Many Executives and Managers, like you, are totally unaware that the tireless and demanding years they have spent in leading positions have actually qualified them for a Green Card.

During these years, many individuals have achieved a certain level of success and often name recognition within their field. America needs proven business leaders to join the US workforce.

If we can take a look at your career history to date and see how you may have played leading and critical roles over the years, you could already be eligible for a green card without knowing.

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What are My Green Card Options? 

We have years of experience meeting and working with business executives and managers, and there are two very specific green card options that could be a great fit: the National Interest Waiver Green Card and the EB-1 Green Card.

EB1 Green Card - Audrey Media Consultant

Audrey – Media Consultant

The National Interest Waiver (NIW)  is a great option for a special group of applicants. For the NIW option, the US government has basically waived away some of the more common restrictions to getting a green card if you have a particular set of skills that can benefit the United States.  I’ll get into more details about the NIW program further in this article.

The EB-1 Green Card has also been a strong option for many of our clients who are regarded as being at the top of their field in their home country or the US. We are experts in wading through the modesty of our clients and are able to put a spot light on their career achievements in such a way that we’re able to get US Immigration to recognize their talents as being worthy of being awarded green card status.

The funny thing is that, often, our clients have forgotten that they had so many achievements in their careers and often down play how significant their achievements were.

We love helping our clients see that not only do they qualify, but, in some cases they are actually over-qualified, which is great as this will make their case easier to win.

How Do I Satisfy the Requirements for a National Interest Waiver?

Qualifying for the National Interest Waiver Green Card is an extremely exciting process. Take a look at the list of National Interest areas below to see the range of activities that can be considered: –  National Interest

  • Ability to improve the US economy
  • Ability to improve wages and working conditions of the US workers
  • Ability to improve educational and training programs for US
  • Ability to improve healthcare
  • Ability to provide more affordable housing
  • Ability to improve the environment and natural resources
  • Admission is requested by an interested US government agency

H-1B Graduate Sponsored VisaSo we have to pick a field from the above list that your career fits under and then look at the qualifications below where you will need satisfy  just three of the following seven “qualifications.”

  1. Academic record elating to your area of exceptional ability
  2. 10 years of full-time experience in your occupation
  3. A license or certification to practice your profession
  4. Evidence of high salary
  5. Membership in a professional association(s)
  6. Recognition for your achievements and significant contributions
  7. Other comparable evidence of eligibility is also acceptable.

As you can see, for many professionals, finding three from the above NIW list should not be that difficult.

How Do I Know If the EB-1 Option is Best for Me?

Our Client Kesh with His Award for Best Outsourcing

Our Client Kesh with His Award for Best Outsourcing

The EB-1 Green Card has been specifically designed to benefit individuals who are at a high level and highly successful. Candidates can be executives or managers.

As legal experts in this field we know precisely what highlights in a career will capture the attention of  the Immigration officer reviewing your case, so let us take a look. Again, many of our clients were unaware that they already possessed the requisite achievements and attributes for success.

Please take a moment, check out each of the categories below and reflect on your experience and achievements (leaving all modesty aside) and see if you can find three categories you think you can already satisfy, or that you could satisfy fairly quickly after making a few phone calls.

EB1 Checklist

  1. National Award
  2. Invited Membership
  3. Published Material About You
  4. Judging
  5. Innovation
  6. Scholarly Articles
  7. Exhibitions or Showcases
  8. Leading /Critical Role
  9. High Salary
  10. Commercial Success

Alternatively, If you have a one-time achievement (that is, a major, internationally recognized award), then its “game over, you win, let’s go get your green card.”

What Steps Should I Take Next?

After years of working with Executives and Managers from around the world, we have developed a keen eye for discovering when our clients have in fact satisfied either the National Interest Waiver Green Card or the EB1 Green Card categories. If you feel like you may qualify, please give us a call today or complete our simple inquiry form and we will be in contact as soon as possible. We are committed to our clients success and look forward to working with you.


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