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L-1A – Expand Your Business and Secure Yourself an EB1C Green Card

Happy to learn he can qualify for an EB1C Green Card
If you’re able to expand your business by opening a branch in the U.S. you can find yourself on an excellent EB1C green card path. We’ll show you how.

By Chris M. Ingram, LL.M., ESQ

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Steps to an EB1C Green Card

If you have a successful business in your home country and would like to open a branch in the U.S. then you just might be in for a pleasant surprise. Immigrating to the U.S. can be very challenging indeed, but if you have a certain profile, U.S. Immigration rules can be very advantageous for people like you.

For example, if you are a top-level professional you can apply for an EB1-A Green Card as an Alien of Extraordinary Ability. If you have sufficient funds to open a new business in the U.S. you can apply for the E1 or E2 visa. However, if you have a business that could be expanded to the U.S. then you can become eligible for an EB1-C green card regardless as to which country you are from in most instances. So, in this article I’m going to walk you through the basics as to how opening a branch of business in the U.S. can lead to an EB1-C green card.  Ok, let’s get started.

Step 1 – The L-1A Intracompany Transfer

I’m going to do my best to keep this article as straightforward as possible so that everyone can track with me. Once you’ve read this article, I’m sure you will have questions. My staff and I will have happy to set up a free consultation so we can explore your particular case and suitability for this opportunity. All you have to do to complete our inquiry form on our website


Getting the L-1A Visa to get Step Up


The first step is to secure what is called an L-1A Intracompany transfer visa. The L-1A visa allows companies outside the U.S. to send over their Executives, Managers or Specialists to the U.S. to either open up a brand-new office or if the office is already up and running, they can send additional Executives, Managers or Specialist to build up the staff in that U.S. office.



Your business must be of a size in your home country where it has executives, managers, and specialists, who in turn lead lower level employees, who may in turn run further employees. Moreover, at all times, once Executives, Managers, and Specialists begin coming over, your home business must remain fully operational. So, for this option to work, you cannot just move your home business to the U.S. and immediately close down your home business.


Example Case “I.T. Specialists Ltd”



I.T Specialist Ltd (ITS) are based in India. ITS consists of two Directors Preet and Priya and they have a team of 20 Software Developers working for them. It turns out that ITS has many U.S. corporate clients. So, Preet and Priya decided that Preet should relocate to the U.S. with his family to open up a branch in the U.S. where they could set up a base and better serve their U.S. clients by having the Project Managers stationed in a U.S. Office.


ITS would be the type of company that would be ideal for the L-1A visa. Of course, it does not matter what the nature of the business is per se, as long as it’s well established and has a solid organizational structure where there are Executives, Managers, Supervisors and Junior employees. So, we’re talking about mid-size companies typically.


Step 2 – Going from L-1A to EB1-C Green Card



So, the L-1A visa can actually last for up to 7 years. Typically, if you’re coming over to the U.S. to start a business you will only get a one-year L-1A visa at first, followed by 2-year extensions providing your U.S. branch and home office continue to thrive. However, and this is where is get really great. Once you have gotten through your first L-1A renewal approved, so, now you’re in year 2 of your time in the U.S. you can apply for a green card under the EB1-C Multinational manager or Executive Green Card.


As stated by USCIS “Your petitioning employer must be a U.S. employer. Your employer must have been doing business for at least 1 year, as an affiliate, a subsidiary, or as the same corporation or other legal entity that employed you abroad.”


Take Advantage of Our Free Consultation Service



I’m sure many of you will have questions about how you can secure your L-1A Intracompany visa and then progress onto an EB1C green card in your second year. My staff and I are more than happy to go over your case individually, in fact, we cannot wait. See here are a few topics we’ll want to discuss: –


1: How Long have you worked for your company?

2: How many employees does your company has?

3: What position do you hold in the company?

4: How many people work under you?

5: Are the people who work under you, college graduates or un-skilled?

6: How soon are you looking to open your U.S. branch?

Also, please check out our L-1A Visa Video Tutorials to give you an in-depth review of this opportunity.


So, you get the idea. Once we’ve fully checked things out with you and answered all of your questions, let’s get started on your case.


EB1C Conclusion



I’m totally looking forward to working with you and so please complete the inquiry form on our website and we’ll be in touch right away to schedule a free consultation.




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