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    L1-A Visa: Chapter 5 – Duration of L Visas

     L1A for Managers and Executives: Petitions are usually granted for three years initially followed by two 2-year extensions. Max stay 7 Years

     L1B for Specialists: Petitions are usually granted for thee years initially, followed by one 2-year extension. Max stay 5 years.

     New office Start-Up: Petition will be granted only for one year. For the extension application, show that the office and the employee now qualify in all respects. USCIS will decide the period of extension. Max stay 5-7 years.

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    Chapter 1 – Managers, Executives & Specialists
    Chapter 2 – The One Year Within Last Three Rule
    Chapter 3 – Start Up or Existing US Branch
    Chapter 4 – Temporary Intent vs. Dual Intent Rule
    Chapter 5 – Duration of L Visas
    Chapter 6 – Petitions Denied, Revoked or With Drawn
    Chapter 7 – Continuing to Business in Home Country
    Chapter 8 – Parent, Branch, Subsidiary and Affiliate Companies
    Chapter 9 – Employment vs. Source of Paycheck
    Chapter 10- Full-time Part-time L1
    Chapter 11 – Day to Day Managerial, Executive or Specialist Duties
    Chapter 12 – Working While Awaiting Renewal of L Status
    Chapter 13 – Spouse of L Visa Holder's Right to Work
    Chapter 14 – Summary 

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