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    Our Clients Tim and Louise - K1 Visa

    Our Newlywed Clients Timothy (UK) and Louise (USA) – K1 Visa

    One of the areas I love the most about my job is bringing people together. It’s one thing bringing over a brother, sister or parent into the US, but it’s a whole different matter when you get to help two lovers realize a dream of starting out life together.  I get to learn about how they met, the heartache of having to be away from each other, the wedding plans and their life together afterwards.  It’s just a wonderful experience from start to finish.

    I also have to play the role of counselor having to explain all of the issues leading up to the move and the various twists and turns of US Immigration.  I have to explain why US Immigration take the various attitudes they do and how, (because of my extensive experience in this area of immigration law), I’m going to frame the case to keep US Immigration very happy with my clients.
    The articles below (and there are more to come) are designed to really give you some practical insights into what is involved in fiance(e) and marriage visas.  Please read them and when you’re ready contact us for a free consultation so we can take away all of the stress from this process.


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