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Romance and Marriage – Part 1


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Lisa from Shropshire, England, had been on Facebook for a few months before she (virtually) bumped into Steve who just happened to live in San Francisco, California. They went from regular dialogue to discovering they had so much in common, that there was the urge (on both sides) to meet in person. Lisa booked a flight in November 2008 and made the 11 hour journey to meet Steve.

She obviously had some reservations; would he actually be the person he claimed to be? Would she like him in real life? Or should she have stayed in the UK and found someone from her own back yard? She of course wasn’t stupid and had a close friend accompany her on this rather exciting journey. It was as if they were in a Hollywood film, you know the type “You’ve Got Mail” or “Sleepless in Seattle”.   She got off the flight, made her way through customs and walked out to where the hoards of anxious folk were waiting to meet up with friends, family and acquaintances.

She had the picture of Steve in her head and scanned the crowd to see if she could spot him before he spotted her. Then she panicked. What if she didn’t live up to his expectations? What if he didn’t like what she looked like in real life? What if…?   As she got lost in her moment of panic her friend grabbed her arm and said “He’s there Lisa, look!” Sure enough there he was with a small bouquet of flowers, a hideous balloon and a sign that said “Welcome to the USA Ms Campbell.” He walked up to her and gave her a huge hug as if they hadn’t seen each other for years – the thing was – they had never met, but this didn’t stop the fact that they felt like lost souls and knew they had a special connection.

Over the next 10 days Steve took the girls all over San Francisco, showed them the sights and the nightlife, which left Lisa feeling she had not only fallen head over heels for Steve but also for this amazing place. The chemistry was overwhelming and before Lisa made her way through to departures Steve told her that if she was to come back soon he would have no choice other than to simply marry her to ensure they would never be apart again.

January came and their relationship was progressing well (as much as one can over the Internet). They would spend hours on the phone, exchange photographs and make future plans together. The one thing Lisa hadn’t done was to find someone who could help her with the “next step” – emigrating! She scoured Internet sites, looked at US Immigration websites and the more she studied the more confusing the process seemed to get. She encountered conflicting information such as – “Yes we can help but because your case is risky we need to charge you a little extra” or “You don’t stand a chance – Immigration will consider your application fraudulent due to the fact that the majority of your relationship is Internet based”.


US Immigration Fiancee and Marriage Visa Options

Then at the end of January Lisa called our office. We scheduled a FREE consultation with her and arranged a telephone appointment on a Thursday. She was over the moon when I called as arranged, 1pm US time/9pm UK time. I asked her to tell me everything about her situation from start to finish so as to establish a sound action plan. We spoke for over 3/4 of an hour at which point I told her this was completely do-able. She was ecstatic to say the least!   Lisa flew out to the States in May this year and Steve, as promised, officially proposed and they plan to be married in July. Of course I can’t go into too much detail with how we achieved this as each situation may vary, but I can tell you there is usually more than one option when it comes to K1/K3 visa’s. Our job as Lisa’s attorneys was to look into her situation, assess the possible pit-falls and figure out a pathway that would lead her to a “happy ever after” scenario.   Please go to our website and read our blog on K1/K3 visa’s & AOS . Then if you are in a situation like Lisa and Steve and want our help, all you’ve got to do is contact us to arrange your free consultation and together we will discuss your options.

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