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Steve and Donna’s Story

Our Client and Great Friends Steve and Donna - US Immigration K1 Visa

Our Clients and Great Friends Steve (UK) and Donna (UK and US) - US Immigration K1 Visa and then Green card

In Valencia, California, there’s an English pub called the ‘Rose and Crown’. About five years ago, I decided to put my immigration leaflet in the pub to see what would happen. A few weeks later I got a call from Steve saying that his fiancee Donna was just about to become a US citizen. He explained that Donna was originally from London, but had settled in the US with her parents and that he and Donna were about to get married.  Steve was planning on making a trip to the US soon so we’d have a chance to meet since Donna lived in the same town as my office.

I got to meet Steve and Donna and we hit it off right away. Steve and Donna retained us and pretty soon I felt like I was working with a couple who had been my long-time friends. We started off applying for a K1 visa since the plan was to get married in the US. We prepared the case and everything went well and the case was duly approved.  As soon as Steve arrived they got married and so the very next step was to sort out a work permit and green card application. Steve was a Police Officer from Wales and was fairly anxious about going through what would be a complete life change. 

Because Steve and I got on so well we began meeting quite regularly for a Starbucks and a chat. The month went by and Steve not only got his work permit but also his green card too.  During this time Steve found work as a Body Guard/ Secruity Officer and because of his exceptional training and skills, Steve was soon head-hunted to work with some of the biggest names in Hollywood.  I have to say that Steve’s adjustment and rise was quite unique and amazing. I remember watching the Oscars red carpet  show only to see Steve right there on the red carpet at the Oscars surrounded by Oscar winners! How cool is that?! Steve is now about to become a US citizen. What a journey!

I really do love the work that I do and over the years I have worked with many many clients. Most of my clients are spread out all over America, including Hawaii, so to be honest I never get to meet them in person.  I guess if I did and they all lived close, we’d end up having an Annual Ball of Expats swapping stories and having a great time! It would be that or I’d have to move my office to Starbucks! The point is that my clients really do matter to me personally. They have entrusted me and my firm to help them through what is no doubt one of the biggest, exciting and most eventful undertakings in their life; relocating to a foreign country.  It’s one thing visiting for a holiday, it’s a completely different story when you’re moving for good. I want to be there for all of my clients. Initially, it’s about getting paid to do a worthwhile job, but after that for me it’s about making sure they settle down well and if there is anything I can do to support them, if they need it, I’ll always be there for them.

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