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Many people would love to come to the US having sold their house at home and then plan on coming to the US to buy a property outright with their cash in the US. Whilst this sounds like an ideal plan it only works if you’re also able to secure yourself with the US Immigration right to stay in the US.  We help many of our clients come to terms with the fact that US Immigration really want to help those aliens who can bring something more to the table than their ability to buy a home, they want people who can perhaps buy a business that will not only save jobs but also has the potential to create new jobs for Americans. The E2 investment visa provides that for many of our clients creating a win-win situation. Our clients get the right to live in the US indefinitely on the E2 visa with the spouses of the investor also having the right to a work permit and US Immigration gets to secure and create new jobs for Americans.  The E2 visa is a much better deal than aliens coming to the US simply to “take” American jobs, as US Immigration sees it.

Ron and Helen’s American Dream Story


We first came to the USA in June or July of 1993. It wasn’t long after arriving we decided we wanted to make the States our home. We found ourselves talking about the possibilities and at this point we started searching for help through the internet. We came across so many different sites with varying information. We knew by then,  with the amount of information and resources out there, that contemplating Immigration was a serious topic and one we were not qualified to take on single handedly. Our next goal was to find a company with experience and the right qualifications to take our case on, afterall, this was our future and not some insurance quote we were shopping around for. A mistake at this point could not only be costly but also dream shattering.

We searched website after website and finally came across the Immigration Law Offices of Chris Ingram (or as we knew it then). We got on-line and completed a simple questionnaire and truly expected some automated response but we were pleasantly suprised when we received a personal call from Chris Ingram. He explained in detail how our journey would unfold and it was clear he had our interest at heart. We started the process and applied for a B2 visa. The paper work was immaculate and both my wife and I received a 10 year visa.

colorado-springsIn July 2007 we returned to Colorado Springs to initiate the fast track E2 Investment Visa application. I got the approval on my return in early August. We purchased an optical outlet which deals with the high end producers of frames – not the one’s you would get from “Lenscrafts”. The only trouble we ran into was through no fault of the Attorneys office but that of the bureaucracy of the U.S Immigration service, the Social Security office and the Colorado State Drivers License Dept. It took me almost a month to get a drivers license and Helen two months. A word of advice – Get your work permit before applying for your Social Security number!

scales-of-justiceThe only embassy appointment we had was for our B2 visa. We just did as we were told and obviously the immaculate paperwork helped no end as the initial check of all the documentation received good reviews. This must have gone down well with the US Embassy staff responsible for the interviews as we were expecting a two to three hour wait (judging by the number showing on the “Next” screen). We were number 224 and the number showing was 175. However we were seen within ten minutes! We moved like jet planes into the interview office. After responding appropriately to any and all of their questions with “Yes sir” and “No sir” we were told that our application was accepted and we should receive our visa’s within 10 days. We actually got them two days later.

Chris Ingram informed us by telephone and email regarding the success of our E2 visa and although we went through another slight ordeal with the Embassy (again through no fault of the Law Offices of Chris Ingram) it was Chris and his colleagues that finally got it straightened out. My advice to anyone thinking of emigrating is that life is very different on the other side of the fence. Customs, taxes, cost of living and purchasing large products. You need to do your homework and have a confident Immigration Attorney by your side. For my wife and I – it was all worth it. Our next step is seeking a more permanent fixture. We’ll get there! 

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