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Chris and the Team? I found their legal team all to be unfailingly polite and helpful, all the details documents and dilemmas dispatched with uncommon efficiency. Fortunately, mine appeared to be about as straightforward a case as one could possibly hope for, but had I needed you guys to step in to straighten out any potential wrinkles I definitely felt that you had my back.

I moved to this country as a youngster (21 years old) and proceeded to be a law abidin’ tax payin’ child raisin’ Sunday go to meetin’ regular guy for the next 35 years. Upon retirement I took stock, drew a deep breath and realized that I would never again be living in Europe and thus decided to take the citizenship plunge. Voting and taking part should have been something that I aught to have done years ago and I can’t quite put my finger upon the reason why I never did. Perhaps a visceral loathing of all things bureaucratic was something of a hindrance!

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I found and hired the Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram to handle my case and they did an amazing job.

Once it came to my Citizenship interview it was fun to see that they had dusted off my original file from 1979, heaven knows where they store such ancient stuff. The officer was a very nice lady indeed and as soon as she noticed that I had worked for the mighty Verizon Corporation for so many years we chatted in esoteric phone parlance for thirty minutes (she too having worked for the phone company for some time in her past), she described her own experiences applying for citizenship herself as a youngster and then remembered to ask me a few citizenship questions… stamped a piece of paper and it was all over.

I did ask her actually about the biggest problem she has with applicants sitting before her, her response being unequivocally about their lack of understanding of English. She seemed to have no patience at all with those who could not even raise their right hand and swear to tell the truth in English.

Tips: You can register for email updates with USCIS.  Also, and secondly if you need to move quickly with the USCIS bureaucracy insist on speaking to an actual agent with the person who answers the phone – they are apparently obliged to connect you with an officer if you insist.

Immigration Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram

Immigration Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram

US Immigration Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram
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