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Let us show you how we can help you polish your EB1 Case.
Let us show you how we can help you polish your EB1 Case.

By Chris M. Ingram, LL.M., ESQ

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We have been working EB1 Green Card cases now for over 15 years. Indeed, we predominantly specialize in EB1, O1 and E2 Visas and related cases. Every week we are submitting cases to U.S. Immigration and each week we are able to work out what cases make strong cases and what type of cases U.S. Immigration may decide to push back on. Over the years we have learned that when it comes to U.S. Immigration adjudication, there are mood swings; what I mean here is that what U.S. Immigration loves this week, or this month, will evolve and change and then all of a sudden, we’ll find U.S. Immigration pushing back in aspects they were previously fine with. As U.S. Immigration evolves in their adjudication practices, we evolve too. It is therefore very important that you only work with lawyers who specialize in working a wide range of EB1 cases as they have the depth of experience to handle whatever is thrown at them by U.S. Immigration.

Why Are Articles Important?

Writing articles puts you in the public domain and gives you an exponential public platform and profile.

Today, I’d like to talk about Articles. One of the ways I’ve been able to distinguish my law firm over the years is due to the fact that I’ve invested thousands of man-hours to teach U.S. Immigration law online. I’ve also found the time to write about our many successes and challenges too. As a result, our website has grown to over one thousand pages of resources about U.S. Immigration. Because of my writings in the public domain, I’ve gained the reputation of being a leading authority in my field. I’m sure there are other lawyers who have not written anything publicly about U.S. Immigration who are none the less very studious in their field, but who would know.

My point is this, no matter what field you are in, the more you publicly write about your field and comment about the direction your field is going in, try to become an opinion writer or share your technical expertise on one platform or another, the greater your standing in the field becomes. How will an EB1 Green Card USCIS adjudicator separate you from other professionals in your field unless you can distinguish yourself in some way that requires a demonstration of extraordinary effort?

Are you Great at What You Do?

If you’re being paid for example, well over $100,000 per year for what you do, or even $200,000 per year, or even higher, do you think you’re paid that amount of money because you’re just, ok? Of course not. Companies only shell out that kind of money to employees if they can if their contribution to the firm is vital or highly significant. Again, companies only pay that kind of money if you literally have something to say about the direction the company should be going in. So, why don’t you share your ideas on a larger platform? e.g., online.

Are You an I.T. Professionals?

We work with a lot of brilliant I.T. professionals from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, SAP and many other top I.T. firms. All of our clients are doing great things, making groundbreaking innovations, but they are completely silent about all the brilliant ideas they have. The only initial indication I have they are indeed great at what they do is when they show me that paycheck and it really high, e.g., above the 90th percentile as compared to others in the field generally. Other than their level of pay and their level of education, there is no public indication as to how brilliant they are.  It’s true we can still win those cases, but winning would be so much easier if we can coach them and help them build a public profile larger than the company they might currently be working for.

Why Are Articles So Important?

When any print or online journal publishes anything you write, usually before that content can be published it must meet two important criteria: Firstly, will the article add value to our readers. Publishers are desperate for good content. Think about all the content you read online, someone had to write what you consume. So, why can’t you join the debate and write too? Secondly, before anything gets published, a good journal will have the content vetted by a fellow expert. The last thing any publisher wants is for something to be published that is factually or technically inaccurate or does not work or cannot be supported. So, if your articles add value to the readership, and passed what is called peer review, then your article can get published and now all of a sudden your profile explodes on a much wider scale.

What About Other Professions?

Anyone from any profession can write an article. I had a client write about Whisky because he was a leading sales representative in that industry. My client made his voice count in that industry. Clients can write about design because that’s their field and their authoritative opinions add value to the understanding and appreciation of the field.

What Do You Think About News Pundits?

Every day, when I watch the news, there is always a guest(s) who is brought in to share their opinions on absolutely anything. Do you stop to think why they invite one guest and not others? Well, here is a hint; the news companies look for anyone they can find online or by introduction who has expertise in the field. So, anyone who has written on the subject, will get short listed to come on TV to discuss their views. There may be more qualified experts in the field, but they will never be picked because they simply cannot be found because they kept their head down.

Do You Need Articles to Win an EB1 Case?

The answer is no, but it can really help. The most common EB1 categories we submit and win are, Critical Role, High Salary and we’ll pick one more from the list of 10 EB1 categories. We love clients with any kind of press because it really does boost their case.

Do You Need Help Securing Articles?

We can help you!
We can help you!

The answer is yes. We have a lot of experience and contacts we share with our clients to help them curate great published materials. So, don’t sit there and get frustrated, come on board, work with us and we’ll certainly help you develop this category as we build out the rest of your case.

I hope you found this article inspiring. I’ll do my best to keep walking the talk by publishing more articles to help our clients secure their EB1 Green card.

Immigration Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram

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About Chris M. Ingram., LL.M., ESQ.

USA Immigration Attorney Chris M. Ingram is originally from Northampton, England. Chris M. Ingram Graduated with a BA(Hons) Degree in Law from De Montfort University, Leicester, UK in 1994, Chris M. Ingram then went on to the De Montfort School of Law in 1996 and graduated with a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (PGDLP).   In 1998 Chris M. Ingram graduated with a Masters of Laws and Letters (LL.M) from Huddersfield University, UK. and after relocating to the U.S. Chris was admitted to the New York State Bar in 2003. Chris has been a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association since 2004.

Having gone through the US Immigration process personally with his wife and three children, attorney Chris M. Ingram founded his own law firm with the clear mission to make sure every client had the very best US Immigration experience possible. To begin with, Chris M. Ingram set about writing and creating the very best comprehensive US Immigration education platform so that every visitor had the opportunity to discover in their own time and at their own pace their US Visa, Work Permit and Green Card options for free. Today, the Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram’s website has over one thousand pages of content and hundreds of educational videos and testimonials to inform and inspire every visitor. We are adding new content all the time.

Attorney Chris M. Ingram also believes that everyone should be able to have a free consultations so that potential clients can speak personally and confidentially with an immigration specialist and discuss their US Visa, Work Permit and Green Card needs and learn about how we can help them achieve the American Dream.

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