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The Basics – Immigration Maze

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The Immigration Maze will give you a basic overview of the available options

Though we specialize in a small number of visas, it is important to get a general understanding of the basics of US immigration. This is a great place to start before moving into specialized training on the area where your work will be focused.

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You will start with the Immigration maze series, which is a very basic overview that covers family immigration, education-based immigration, self-sponsorship options and ends with a call-to-action video. Often times clients will already be in the US with various visa types, and it is important to understand basics of the visas so you can better serve the clients. In viewing this series, you will get an idea of what our clients see on our site as well as an overview of the available options.

Immigration Maze Video Series

Immigration Maze Part 1 – Family Immigration
Immigration Maze Part 2 – Family Immigration
Immigration Maze Part 3 – Education Immigration
– Immigration Maze Part 4 – Self Sponsorship Base Immigration
Immigration Maze Part 5 – Taking the Plunge

Now that you have an understanding of the most basic immigration options, we will move into a detailed discussion about the EB1 Green Card.