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The E2 Investor Visa Opportunity

Foreign buyers are making a major impact on the American independent business scene, with every indication that they will continue to be aggressive purchasers of small businesses for years to come. For the foreign buyer the desire to invest money and to become an entrepreneur presents not only an excellent opportunity to gain entry and live in the United States, but a chance to be part of the American Dream.

For many foreign buyers or investors the E2 “Investor Visa” offers an interesting option in achieving this goal. The E2 visa is a special non-immigrant visa that is available to foreign buyers with citizenship in specific countries who can demonstrate the ability to invest substantially in an already-established U.S. business. The investor visa is based upon an existing treaty or agreement between the United States and the applicant’s homeland to advance trade and/or commerce.

If you are a foreign national looking to purchase a U.S. business, choosing a transition team to assist you is a must. Your team should include; (1) Your immigration attorney, who will advise you through the immigration process and protect you legally; (2) Your accountant, who will advise you on how to buy your business with maximum tax benefits; and (3) A professional business broker who can help educate you in the buying process and facilitate the search for your business acquisition.


The Reality of the Market

Aside from the decision to pursue the immigration process, buying your business will be one of the most critical decisions you will ever make. There are many things to consider before you decide to buy a business and the outcome of the purchase will most likely affect you personally and financially far into the future.

Once you begin the ‘buying process’ you will discover that buying a business is different than buying anything you have ever bought before. A business is not a house or a car where there are hundreds, if not thousands, of realistic comparables with accepted values and standards recognized by the marketplace. A business is a truly unique entity that will require a significant amount of analysis and preparation before you can make an intelligent decision. Due to the amount of work required to buy a business you should begin formalizing your business plan long before you begin your business search.


The Business Broker Relationship


During a preliminary meeting the business broker will typically ask you questions like,’Do you have the necessary funds to buy a business?’ ‘Is the cash readily available?’ ‘What is your time-frame for buying a business?’ ‘What are your expectations about the purchase of a business?’ and so on. After this fact-finding meeting, the broker can then begin the search process to find you businesses that are both financially feasible and that fit the E2 visa requirements.

Further steps the broker will lead you through are as follows:

(1) The broker will provide you with preliminary information about one or more businesses, including pertinent financial data.

(2) Once you indicate strong interest in a particular business, the broker can then supply additional confidential information and schedule on-site appointments.

(3)  When you are ready to present a contract for purchase, the business broker will be the best source for answering questions, addressing concerns, resolving loose ends, and offering a business broker’s unique expertise in the due-diligence process of a business sale transaction.

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