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There has been an explosion in the need for tech workers in the US. It has been reported that of the 1.4 million projected vacancies over the next few years, there are only 400,000 US students currently in college trying to meet this demand, which is precisely why tech companies are desperately looking overseas for qualified candidates.

H-1B Visa vs. EB1 Green Card and O1-A Visas


The H-1B graduate visa has long been the most popular visa for graduate foreign workers, but due to the highly restricted quota of just 65,000 per year, which is released each year on April 1st, available visas are typically gone on the first day of release. Also, even if successful in getting the visa, the employee cannot begin employment until October 1st of that same year, a frustrating rule if the vacancy needs to be filled right away.

The EB1 Green Card and O-1A Visa combination is a great option for the very best tech workers. The EB1 Green Card and O-1A Visa are very similar, both requiring that the alien demonstrate that, over and above their academic qualifications, they have reached a very senior level in their field.

For the EB1 Green Card option, Congress has laid out 10 categories of qualification of which candidates need to be able to satisfy three; and for the O1 Visa congress has laid out 8 categories of qualification and, again, the candidates must satisfy three. In both the EB1 and O1, there is a special category whereby if you have won a major international prize, then Congress will consider you qualified. Please checkout these qualifications on our website and see how you measure up.

Difference Between EB1 Green Card and O-1 Visa 

You can apply for your own EB1 Green Card without needing an employer to sponsor you. You can make the application, get approved and then, armed with your green card, apply for any tech job you wish. Once you have been approved, it may take a further six months to get your green card in hand, but we have a solution for this, too.

IPCWith the O1 Visa, you have to find an employer willing to sponsor you, and this can be very difficult when you may be far away from the US. If you already have your EB1 Green Card approved, but are still waiting for your green card to arrive, many employers will sponsor you on an O-1A visa in the interim. 

Do you Qualify for an EB1 Green Card or O-1A Visa?

We work with IT professionals everyday, and some immediately qualify for an EB1 Green Card and or O-1A visa while others we work with under our EB1 Academy program to show them precisely how to build the best EB1 career profile for a future viable case. We’re motivated because the demand is huge.

Let’s Get Started!

The first thing you need to do is check out our EB1 Green Card Checklist and O-1A Visa Checklist. As you carefully study these options, start thinking about how you can gather the evidence you will need. Think about places you have worked, activities you can engage in, such as getting good memberships to governing bodies, and think about what articles you maybe able to write, or the key roles you might have performed in the various companies you have worked for. Once you have an idea, please outline them for us and submit it with your online inquiry. We will give you a totally free assessment of your chances and work with you so you can get your EB1 Green Card or O-1A visa. So what are you waiting for, call us today!


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