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California is “HOT! HOT! HOT!”

As the temperatures in California begin to cool down the danger aspects of living in this beautiful State start to heat up. To those of us who have lived here for some years now, we understand that the fire season is upon us. Spurred on by the ever-increasing Santa Ana winds, these fires take on a life of their own. To date, two fatalities have occurred, but things could get worse before they get better. Our praise of course goes out to the thousands of fire-fighters and air support systems who are fighting this battle from the front lines. They collectively try to predict the fire’s course and evacuate those in imminent danger. Hundreds of homes have been cleared and the hope is that not only will lives be saved but also peoples’ homes containing years of memories.

As I look out from the balcony at work, I can see the planes do water drop after water drop. The smoke fills the air and hangs overhead as if to remind us that we are at the mercy of the elements. As the airplanes fly by we all feel a sense of relief knowing that if the winds were a little stronger or harsher, the air drops would not be possible.

The TV and Radio station helicopters are also flying above the fury of the flames as it is their duty to alert us on the ground of any sudden changes. It can really go from one extreme to another, so our thanks go out to all of the heroes who coach and reassure us through these terrifying times.  They have the fires under control and our hope is that they are winning the battle.


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