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Welcome to Maryland. Maryland possesses a great variety of topography, hence its nickname, “America in Miniature.” It ranges from sandy dunes dotted with seagrass in the east, to low marshlands teeming with water snakes and large bald cypress near the bay, to gently rolling hills of oak forest in the Piedmont Region, and mountain pine groves in the west.

Maryland is bounded on the north by Pennsylvania, on the west by West Virginia, on the east by Delaware and the Atlantic Ocean, and on the south, across the Potomac River, by West Virginia and Virginia. The mid-portion of this border is interrupted on the Maryland side by Washington DC, which sits on land that was originally part of Maryland. The Chesapeake Bay nearly bisects the state, and counties east of the bay are known collectively as the Eastern Shore. Most of the State’s waterways are part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed, with the exceptions of a portion of Garrett County (drained by the Youghiogheny River as part of the watershed of the Mississippi River), the eastern half of Worcester County (which drains into Maryland’s Atlantic coastal bays), and a small portion of the State’s northeast corner (which drains into the Delaware River watershed). So prominent is the Chesapeake in Maryland’s geography and economic life that there has been periodic agitation to change the State’s official nickname to the “Bay State,” a name currently used by Massachusetts.

Weather: Maryland’s location on the mid-Atlantic corridor makes the weather there fairly moderate. In the higher elevations of the western mountainside of Maryland, winter temperatures tend to be a bit colder producing wonderful snowy landscapes great for skiing and other outdoor activities. While the Atlantic’s coastal breeze tends to bring cooler temperatures to the Eastern Shore in the summer. Normal January temperatures range from 23.5 to 40.3 degrees while normal July temperatures range from 66.8 to 87.2 degrees with an average annual precipitation of 45 inches.

Boredom is not a word often used when living or visiting Maryland. There are a host of summer and winter activities including golf, water sports, snow sports, hunting and fishing. The River Plantation on Maryland’s Eastern Shore offers something for everyone.

Annapolis, the Capital of Maryland, offers a wide variety of activities.  It is home to incredible boat shows. The sports enthusiasts can attend football, baseball, lacrosse and all sorts of other sports year round at the United States Naval Academy. You can also attend our annual Renaissance Festival or our New Years Eve Celebration with hundreds of musical, theater, dance and comedy performances in and around the city.

So whether you want to come to Maryland on vacation or feel you could make Maryland your new home, we are here to help with all your visa needs. Many of our international students require the F1 Student Visa to attend one of any of the fifty or so community colleges here, each with their own specialty subjects. Some folks want to merely sell up and move to the USA in order to relax and live out their years here in Maryland. We can help you achieve this American Dream by way of an E2 Investment Visa.

For others, love is what brings them to the USA. Seemingly an easy deal.  “Just get married and surely my US spouse can get me a green card through marriage ?” If only it were that simple! In most situations, you will need the help of an Immigration Attorney unless – your record is clean and you want to come out for a couple of weeks on vacation. If in doubt, please contact us here at the Immigration Law Offices of Chris Ingram. We will happily provide you with a FREE CONSULTATION and find the best route to relocating to the US.


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