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Is America Ripe for a Take Over?

As a US Immigration Law Firm our only purpose is to do our very best to help our clients emigrate to the US. This is our mission. As Brits, having relocated to the US nearly 10 years ago, we’ve seen the end of the Clinton Presidency followed by two Bush administrations and we’ve navigated through a range of economic conditions successfully. Although today we are seeing wild swings in Wall Street, in my opinion, this is drama over real substance. Earlier this week Wall Street dropped nearly 800 points (777.84) but the very next day it gained nearly 500 of those points back. The fact that we’re in an election campaign frenzy with 34 days to go only adds to making good drama for TV. The other day I was remarking to my colleagues how the seventh season of the TV drama, ‘The West Wing’ (a TV series about life in the White House), was proving to be a classic example of life imitating art.

 Is America ripe for a take over? Absolutely. America is in desperate need of an influx of new investors. The banks are being bought up with Chinese and Japanese money which grabs the headlines, but America needs thousands of investors to buy up as many small businesses, or entrepreneurs to start new businesses to really bail out ‘Main Street’, not just Wall Street. Small businesses provide 80% of the employment in the US. Foreign investors bring with them their foreign currency, new money to invest, new money into US banks; they are the white knights of the economy.

The E2 Treaty Trader Investor visa is rapidly becoming the #1 business immigration option for aliens. For as little as a $50,000 investment into a going concern that saves or creates at least two American jobs an alien can bring their entire family with them. As a further incentive the spouse of the alien investor can immediately qualify for a work permit. By any measure that is a pretty good deal. For Brits we’re talking about raising only 25,000 – 30,000 pounds. Many Brits have well over 100,000 pounds in equity in their property as a result of the recent property boom.  Unlike the US, property prices in the UK peaked much later and the dip being experienced now is very minor indeed. So Brits are in a remarkably strong financial position to take their bite out of the American apple as it were. The key message to our clients is to keep a close eye on the prize of opportunity because opportunity is everywhere.

If you are thinking about moving to the US, call us, email us or send in your consultation questionnaire with your comments. We’ll work with you, to help you find the best path in to the US. We are helping clients with their student visa plans, work permit needs and green card aspirations – It’s what we do. If you are thinking about marrying an American and can’t figure out whether to get married here or abroad then let us talk you through the pros and cons. If you have reached a complete dead-end with your immigration plans, then we may have a breakthrough answer for you.  Get in touch today and let’s see how we can help you.

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