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K3 Marriage Visa Guide/US Citizen Married Alien Living Abroad

K3 Marriage Visa Guide

The main purpose of this guide is to enable you to understand the steps your immigration attorney will take you through in the preparation of your K3 visa. This is not a self-help guide. This guide also broadly outlines what you should expect once you have completed the K3 phase and outlines the process to enable the alien to obtain their green card. We also discuss how US Immigration may monitor your marriage and what US Immigration requires from both parties. By reading this guide thoroughly and repeatedly as you go through this process you will be able to work closely with your attorney to ensure that your immigration experience runs as smoothly as possible.

US Citizen Married Alien Living Abroad Guide

If you are an American Citizen who has married or living abroad with your alien spouse then there is a set procedure that you must go through in order to bring your alien spouse to the US to live permanently.

The alien spouse of a US Citizen will be eligible to apply for and receive green card status. In virtually all other immigration options obtaining a green card will often take many years to acquire. For spouses of US Citizens the process generally takes about six-twelve months.

Because of the huge immigration advantages to be gained by marrying a US Citizen, US Immigration (USCIS) estimates that about fifty percent of all marriage-based immigration applications are fake or sham marriages. Yes, each year thousands of people enter into financial business deals with US Citizens to get married so they can cut through the major red tape and obtain green card status. This is so common that Hollywood made a film called ‘Green Card’ with Andie MacDowell and Gérard Depardieu. It’s actually a very good film.

BTUSA will ensure that your case is carefully put together and is well documented so that your case will stand out as being genuine. Your BTUSA immigration attorney will request a great deal of information from you to fully prepare your case.